Faculty Code of Conduct

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, CSUF


As academic professionals, ethics, integrity and honesty characterize our actions. We actively participate in the advancement of knowledge through teaching, research and service. While we carry out our obligations within legal regulations and internal policies of the University, we realize that our behavior must also be governed by reasonable expectations of our students, colleagues, the community that we serve. In particular:


One of our primary responsibilities is to educate our students and to prepare them for lifelong learning, which is imperative for a successful career. Thus, we:

      provide them with a class environment free from bias and cultural prejudice,

      interact with them professionally; assess them in a non-capricious manner,

      provide them with prompt feedback on their achievements,

      serve as role models of professional conduct.

Our colleagues including our administrative support staff are essential to our development and mission. Thus, we:

      treat each other with respect,

      value and protect intellectual work,

      encourage all our colleagues to engage in positive and respectful behavior toward one another,

      refrain from malicious gossip about our colleagues,

      support a professional work environment for our colleagues.

We support the administrators who are committed to our lifelong professional and personal development. Thus, we:

      provide prompt and honest feedback to their initiatives,

      work with them to accomplish the Colleges mission and goals,

      treat then with professionalism,

      evaluate their performance in a fair and non-capricious manner.

We support our community-at-large. Thus, we:

      provide them with programs that are relevant, accessible and high quality,

      promote good citizenship by participating in volunteer work.





The UPS documents referred to below are the official University policies. In case of any conflict (actual or of interpretation) between UPS policies and this Code, UPS policies take precedence. The operational policy of any UPS document is the most recent version.



Reaffirmation of Statement of Professional Responsibility



Faculty Obligation to Meet Classes



Nondiscrimination Policy



Sexual Harassment Policy



Policy on Amorous or Sexual Relationships between Faculty, Staff and Students




Adopted by the CBE Senate, April 10, 2007