Marketing Research

Professor: Susan Cadwallader
Research Area: Services Marketing

Select Publications:
Cadwallader, Susan, Jarvis, Cheryl B., Bitner, Mary Jo, Ostrom, Amy L. (2010), “Frontline Employee Motivation to Participate in Service Innovation Implementation,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 38 (2), 219-239.
Parish, Janet T., Cadwallader, Susan, and Busch, Paul (2008) "Want to, need to, ought to: employee commitment to organizational change", Journal of Organizational Change Management, 21 (1),32 - 52.
Berry, Leonard L., Shankar, Venkatesh, Parish, Janet T., Cadwallader, Susan, and Dotzel, Thomas (2006), “Creating New Markets Through Service Innovation, MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter 2006.

Professor: Howard Forman
Research Area: Pricing, Risk, Decision Making, Supply Chain Marketing

Select Publications:
Buying Centers and the Role of Supply Chain Orientation on New Technology Adoption,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. (2014) Volume 22, (1), pp. 41-52.

The Effect of Decision Context on Perceived Risk in Pricing Strategies,” (Co- authored with James M. Hunt), Journal of Product and Brand Management. (2013) Volume 22, (1), pp. 79-86.

Factors Affecting New Product Post-Adoption Behavior in a Major U.S. Automotive Supply Chain: An Examination of Antecedents to Technology Internalization," (Co-authored with Fredrick Hong-Yim and Hyokjin Kwak) Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing. (2013) Volume 28, (2), pp. 147- 159.


Professor: Neil Granitz
Research Area: Digital Marketing, Ethics, Marketing Pedagogy

Select Publications:
Chen, Steven and Neil Granitz (2012), "Adoption, Rejection or Convergence: Consumer Attitudes Toward Book Digitization, Journal of Business Research, 65(8), 1219-1225.

Granitz, Neil, and Steve Koernig (2011), “Web 2.0 and Marketing Education: Explanations and Experiential Applications,” Journal of Marketing Education, 33(1), 57-72.

Koernig, Stephen and Neil Granitz (2006), "Progressive yet Traditional: The Portrayal of Women to that of Men in E-Commerce Magazine Advertisements," Journal of Advertising, 35(2), 81-98.

Professor: Katrin Harich
Research Area:
Marketing Education, Curriculum Development, and Pedagogy

Select Publications:
Schlee, Regina P. and Katrin R. Harich (2014), "Teaching Creativity to Business Students:  How well are We Doing?" Journal of Education for Business, forthcoming in spring 2014.

Schlee, Regina P. and Katrin R. Harich (2013), "Teaching Students How to Integrate and Assess Social Networking Tools in Marketing Communications," Marketing Education Review, forthcoming in fall 2013.
Schlee, Regina P. and Katrin R. Harich (2010), "Knowledge and Skills Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century," Journal of Marketing Education, Vol, 32 (3), 341-352. 

Professor: Chiranjeev Kohli
Research Area: Branding and Pricing

Select Publications:
Kohli, Chiranjeev, Thomas, Sunil, and Suri, Rajneesh (2013), “Are You in Good Hands? Slogan Recall: What Really Matters, forthcoming, (53), Number 1, Journal of Advertising Research.

Kohli, Chiranjeev, and Suri, Rajneesh (2011), “Price is Right? Guidelines for Pricing to Enhance Profitability,” Business Horizons, (54), Number 6 (November-December).

Thomas, Sunil and Kohli, Chiranjeev (2009), “A Brand is Forever! A Framework for Revitalizing Declining and Dead Brands,” Business Horizons, (52), Number 4, pp. 305-404

Professor: Christopher Kondo
Research Area: Marketing and Sales Education and Pedagogy, Career Development

Select Publications:
Donoho, C., Heinze, T. Kondo, C.T. (2012). Gender differences in personal selling ethnics evaluations: Do they exist and what does their existence mean for teaching sales ethics?. Journal of Marketing Education, 34(1), 55-66. -239.
Kondo, C.T., Le, V.N. (2010). A lesson for the generations - teach by example. Proceedings of the Marketing Educators Association, Seattle, WA.
Kondo, C.T. (2009). Benefits of Job Clubs for Executive Job Seekers: A Tale of Hares and Tortoises. Journal of Employment Counseling. 46(1), 27-37.

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