Marketing Portfolios

In the business community, marketing professionals traditionally create a portfolio of accomplishments showcasing their unique abilities and talents. This portfolio enables these professionals to provide tangible evidence of their value to potential employers or customers--especially in a highly competitive marketplace.

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At CSUF, students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing are required to submit a personal Marketing Portfolio to their MKTG 489 instructor at the conclusion of the semester they take the course.

A complete Marketing Portfolio will consist of a Cover Page, Table of Contents, Generic Cover Letter, Current Resume and 3 Executive Summaries describing an academic (from any course completed), business, or volunteering achievements of your choice. Individual or group work may be used to create an executive summary.

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It is important that you create a portfolio that highlights your unique experiences and skills. However, we have provided these actual Samples of Student Marketing Portfolios to provide you with ideas to get started:

Marketing Portfolio Sample 1 CLICK HERE.

Marketing Portfolio Sample 2 CLICK HERE.

Marketing Portfolio Sample 3 CLICK HERE.

To view Samples of Content for Executive Summaries Only CLICK HERE.

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