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Midterm Due Date 3/13/15
 Final Due Date 8/7/15

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Internship Objectives
Employment Requirements
Requirements for Academic Credit
Student Mid-Term report format
Student Final Report Format
Employer Mid-Term Intern Evaluation Form (Word)
Employer Final Intern Evaluation Form (Word)

Internship Objectives

Internships are designed to benefit two groups; you and the employers. The specific purposes of internships that benefit the you also provide optimum benefits to the companies or organizations hiring you as an interns.

Essentially, the primary purpose of an internship is to provide practical perspectives on the academic concepts and theories you have studied. It is not designed simply to give you work experience!

Therefore, emphasis throughout the internship will be on providing you with the opportunity to make significant contributions to your employer's operations through your insights and applications of what you have learned at the University. You will obtain the most benefit from the experience and discover more about theory and practice.


- At least Junior (3rd year) standing
- Completed at least one (1) semester of CSUF residency
- Overall university and business grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5
- Marketing GPA of at least 2.5
- Completed at least one (1) upper division marketing course beyond Principles of Marketing
- Completed intern application and set up your profile in the Center for Internships and Community Engagement in LH 206. Have the Marketing Intern Coordinator approve it and return to LH 206
- Meet all CICE prerequisites.

You must meet all prerequisites in order to receive academic credit for an internship. Additional employment and course requirements below must be met.

Employment Requirements

You should receive approval of the employment position from the Marketing Internship Coordinator before beginning work for academic credit. Your position must involve some marketing management experience. The following are examples of tasks which would satisfy this objective:

- Planning of marketing activities
- Merchandising
- Designing and/or conducting marketing research
- Forecasting; coordinating marketing activities
- Developing sales territory allocations or commission schedules
- Providing for marketing control systems
- Building relationships within channels of distribution
- Developing media schedules.

Requirements For Academic Credit:

Two written papers and two employer evaluations will be the basis for your grade.

Satisfactory work performance is based on criteria determined by the employer and by the Marketing Internship Coordinator. The employer will be asked to complete two written evaluations: (1) four weeks into the program outlining goals and the means to accomplish these goals (to be attached to your mid-term Paper), and (1) Final Appraisal is attached to and due with your Final paper.

Note: The grade for this course is on a Credit/No-Credit basis. The credit units apply only to your University "free" electives category. This course cannot apply for any specific courses in your major or upper division General Education electives.


The attached sample format with be the only acceptable format for your papers. Absolutely no dot matrix print will be accepted.

These reports are equivalent to a mid-term and a final exam. These reports must be in a professional format with titles, subheadings and bullets. It is essential that you proof your reports to eliminate all typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. You may want to consult the Business Writing Program faculty, the English Department or the University Writing Center. Papers will NOT be returned for correction - you will simply receive an "NC" for the internship if the paper is completed incorrectly.

Mid-Term Report Format
Use the sample below for layout/format of your paper:

Mid-Term Report Sample Document - Click Here

Final Report Format
Use the sample below for layout/format of your paper:

Final Report Sample Document - Click Here

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