Marketing Careers

Why choose marketing as a major?

Marketing offers a wide range of professions to candidates aspiring to be business leaders of tomorrow and is considered one of the most exciting and glamorous professions in the business field. Specifically, marketing is the implementation of specific philosophies and crucial strategies that guide a company to effectively fill the needs and desires of consumers. Marketing creates the attitude and image portrayed by a company.

Career opportunities are almost limitless for a marketing major. The flexibility offered by this major makes it particularly appealing for students at the beginning of their professional careers. Prospective employers are most receptive to Cal State Fullerton’s marketing graduates, valuing their creative problem-solving abilities, computer technology expertise, interpersonal communication skills and their overall business acumen.

Marketing Career Tracks

Effective marketing is critical to both profit and not-for-profit organizations that research, anticipate and satisfy the ever-changing needs of their customers and clients. In return, they reap the benefits that allow them to sustain and grow their operations. Because talented, well-prepared marketing personnel are so vital to an organization’s success, they are frequently the highest paid people in the business arena. The marketplace today holds impressive rewards for graduates with marketing degrees—they are in the high demand.

Many career paths can be created with a concentration in marketing from Cal State Fullerton. Graduates can develop careers working with the client side of the business as account executives or as creative directors who design ad campaigns, or start as customer service representatives who ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. They can have successful careers in brand management positions with Nike and Oakley; conduct market research for Microsoft or Intel; and sell pharmaceuticals for Pfizer or Merck, medical devices for Johnson & Johnson, payroll services for ADP, and business products for Xerox.

Marketing Salaries

Sales & Brand Management
VP Sales / Marketing $175-300K
Nat’l Sales Manager $125-225K
District Sales Mgr $70-140K
Brand Manager $65-125K
Marketing/Sales Rep $40-100K
Asst Brand Manager $50-85K
Asst Product Manager $30-40K
Exec Vice President $140-250K
VP Mgmt Supervisor $80-150K
Account Supervisor $60-90K
Account Executive $40-60K
VP Merchandising $200K
Store Manager $90-200K
Gen Merchandise Mgr $100-200K
Buyer – Planner $75-150K
Merchandise Mgr $60-90K
Asst buyer $40-50K
VP Int’l Operations $100-200K
Int’l Sales Manager $75-150K
Export Manager $60-110K
Contracts Admin $65-100K
Export Admin $30-50K

Courses We Offer

Specialized Courses in the Marketing Concentration (18 units)

Required Courses (12 units)

Marketing 353:
Marketing Information Technology, which focuses on the application of marketing concepts and solving marketing problems using information technology.

Marketing 370:
Buyer Behavior, which emphasizes the buying decision process and the factors that influence buying behavior.

Marketing 379:
Marketing Research Methods, which aims at learning to use research in studying markets, evaluation the effectiveness of marketing strategies and the marketing process.

Marketing 489:
Developing Marketing Strategies, a senior level course, which brings all marketing aspects together, and focuses on analyzing different business situations and developing marketing strategies.

Elective Courses (6 units)

Depending on their interests, students select two from the following:
Marketing 401 Professional Sales
Marketing 405 Integrated Marketing Communications
Marketing 415 Sales Management
Marketing 425 Retail Marketing Strategy
Marketing 430 Sport Marketing
Marketing 435 Business Marketing Management
Marketing 445 International Marketing
Marketing 455 Strategic Internet Marketing
Marketing 465 Managing Services Marketing
Marketing 475 Export Marketing Strategies

Additional information is available in the University Catalog.

Required Capstone Course (3 units)

The program culminates with the capstone course, Management 449 Seminar in Strategic Management. This seminar provides an additional focus on what has been learned in the core and concentration through applications in significant, current and real business problems.

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