Marketing Advisory Council

The Marketing Advisory Council initiative is a part of an action plan to improve program quality at Cal State Fullerton.


  1. The MAC is a group of individuals who represent our constituents and agree to provide the marketing department with advice and counsel as needed.
  2. They provide faculty with continuous dialogue as well as just-in-time feedback to hone the department’s curriculum offerings (topics) to better match marketing-related employment patterns.
  3. The MAC helps the department stay abreast of marketing related opportunities and trends in the business community and regional economy.


  1. Primarily, the MAC provides inputs to curriculum issues, content, deliveries and resources. The purpose is to help continually improve the undergraduate as well as graduate marketing curricula, and hence the quality of the academic program.
  2. Members inform the department on emerging professional practices and employment trends that may fashion programs to effectively serve the business community and benefit students.
  3. Possible but not necessary, the MAC helps develop internship and employment opportunities for students, and supports special learning opportunities for marketing students.
  4. The MAC meets once a semester in the Spring and Fall, and will also be engaged as needed via other media, such as email, phone and document collaboration.


  1. Individuals with leadership positions among our target constituents that would be able to work with marketing faculty and administrators.
  2. As a group, their advice may be balanced enough to give the department the unbiased perspective needed to create a market-driven curriculum.
  3. The council consists of alumni, employers and other friends of the marketing program.

For further information, please contact faculty coordinator Dr. Catherine Atwong at

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