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Joint Emphasis in Marketing and Information Systems

The Mihaylo College of Business is offering a new Joint Emphasis in Marketing and Information Systems. This program brings together two inter-connected disciplines, marketing and information systems, and also includes a couple of applied statistics courses, namely Applied Business Forecasting and Data Mining. Today marketing professionals are expected to be well versed in general aspects of information systems and applied statistics, including databases, data mining, and business analytics. With advances in technology, firms not only have sophisticated marketing decision support systems in place but also use information from large customer databases to develop better marketing strategies. Similarly, today’s information system professionals are expected to know and understand different aspects of business and marketing such as marketing information systems, marketing strategies, customer relationship management (CRM), and services marketing.

The two disciplines are intertwined in several areas, including databases, data warehousing, data mining, and business analytics. Students in the program will graduate with a strong education in the Information Systems and Marketing fields and should be in high demand in areas such as marketing analytics, CRM analytics, e-commerce management, software sales, and technology sales.

Currently, students who wish to obtain a background in both marketing and information systems, and be proficient in marketing and business analytics must pursue a  double concentration in marketing and information systems and take a few applied statistics courses in addition to the courses required for the concentrations. This can add up to an additional year to their time to graduation. The joint emphasis reduces the number of units and the time for graduation for those who would otherwise pursue a double concentration.

To find out more information about the joint emphasis you can contact one of our faculty career path advisers. Office hours, telephone numbers and faculty web pages are available from the Marketing Department office at (657) 278-2223 or the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department office at (657) 278-2221, or visit Marketing website at or ISDS website at:

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