Honors Networking Lunch

Student Lunch Preparation

  • What is the best way to prepare for the Lunch?
    • 1) Attend one of the obligatory orientation sessions. Two weeks before the event, there will be a mandatory orientation session that you must attend. At the session, we will give you an overview of the event, as well as vital information that will help you prepare for the event.

      2) Create or update your resume. The Career Center (LH-208) offers free resume help with walk-in hours everyday.

      3) Learn about the corporate members by visiting their websites and researching their industries they participate in. You will receive a list of companies 2 weeks before the event.

      4) Ensure that you have the proper business attire; suits, ties and proper dress shoes for men and women. If you do not own a suit and proper dress shoes, either buy or borrow them.

      5) Develop a 3 line blurb that introduces yourself and lets others know what you are about (qualifications and interests). The Career Center (LH 208) can also help you with this.

      6) Set some specific goals for the meeting regarding how you want to participate (e.g., discuss opportunities at companies) and what you want to achieve (e.g., offer your resume to companies).

      7) Come early and arrive with an open mind. Almost always you will hear of great opportunities that you would have never expected. You are encouraged to meet with the companies that are of interest to you, as well as those that you never heard of. If you arrive early and stay to the end, you will be able to investigate numerous opportunities.
  • How can I talk to these "managers" at the meeting that I don't know?
    • Your ability to introduce yourself to another person at a meeting is a very important business skill. The more you practice meeting people the better you will become. Please keep in mind that these are normal people just like your parents, fellow students (many are former CSUIF students) and older friends. They have interests in common with you, and they are going out of their way to meet you. In fact, they are almost certainly getting up earlier in the morning than you will. You will find it easy to talk with them if you ask good questions and you listen attentively to their answers. Remember even "a fool appears wise if he or she listens more than he or she talks".
  • What are some good questions to ask the managers?
    • First, please remember that everyone likes to talk about (a) good news and (b) topics of interest to themselves. Here are few questions to consider:
      -- What do you enjoy about working for your company?
      -- How would you describe your company's culture?
      -- How do your employees spend their days?
      -- How are the needs of your most important customers changing?
      -- What is your company really good at doing?
      -- What is the best way to get started at your company?
      -- What do I need to do NEXT to be considered as an employee?
      After you meet with a company representative, immediately write down a few things that you discussed during the meeting; this will be helpful when you send your thank you note, as well as if/when you have follow up interviews.
  • What do I do after the event?
    • After the event, you should thank all of the companies that you met with. In your thank you note, please try and mention something from your HNP meeting that makes them remember you and stand out.
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