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Corporate Partner FAQ

  • What is the Honors Networking Program?
    • The HNP consists of two networking lunches a year; over 20 companies and 70 students participate in each lunch. Typically, there is one lunch during the fall semester (late October or early November) and one lunch during the spring semester (April). Invitations are sent out one month before the event. Additionally various job and internship postings are e-mailed to members during the year.
  • Why should I join the program and participate in the lunches?
    • Joining the program offers you the chance to meet and be involved in the career of Honors CSUF Marketing Students. There are several benefits to joining the program:
      - Meet CSUF Honors Marketing Students at two lunches a year
      - Hire our Honors Marketing Students for full or part-time employment at your company
      - Recruit our best students to complete special projects for your company
      - Offer scholarships to the CSUF Honors Marketing Students
      - Network with prominent managers from top OC companies
      - Interact with CSUF's distinguished Faculty of Marketing
      - Gain recognition as a partner with higher education
  • Where do the lunches take place?
    • he location alternates between the Fullerton Marriott (Nutwood and the 57 freeway and the Scott O’Brien Innovation Center (Mihaylo Hall, 3230) at Cal State Fullerton.
  • What happens at a networking lunch?
    • The following sequence of events occurs:
      - Students arrive at the lunch at 11:45 AM and check in;
      - Corporate partners arrive at 12:00 PM and join students at their pre-designated tables. At this point, over lunch, you will have the opportunity to chat with the students.
      - Special guests (Deans, Faculty and Career Center Directors) arrive at 12:15 PM;
      - At 12:15, the HNP Directors make some opening remarks and then introduce each company. Each company has one minute to introduce themselves, talk a little about their company and the opportunities that they have.
      - After the last manager has spoken, the meeting becomes highly interactive. Students and managers move around and gather in informal groups where they begin to know one other and explore the potential for further cooperation.
      - The event typically ends between 2:00-2:30 PM. If needed, you can leave early
      - Gain recognition as a partner with higher education
      Overall the event is highly professional and students and corporate partners are indistinguishable from each other.
  • What is the best way to prepare for the lunch?
    • 1) Prepare a one minute blurb about your company, yourself and the opportunities that you have to offer
      2) Bring some general materials about your company to hand out to students
      3) If you have specific opportunities, please bring some handouts describing them to students.
      4) Bring business cards
  • How do I become a corporate partner?

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