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rofessor Tavakolian, holds a Doctoral of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Decision Sciences in Applied Statistics, both from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Currently, Professor Tavakolian is a member of prestigious faculty at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). where he is engaged in scholarly activities in the areas of Strategic Management and Management Information Systems.

rior to joining the faculty of CSUF, Professor Tavakolian  was a member of the faculty at Wayne State University, University of Detroit, and Georgia State University.  During the last 18 years,  he has taught a broad spectrum of business courses such as E-Commerce, Strategic Management, Accounting Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design; Business Statistics, Operations Management, Quantitative Analysis.  During this period, Professor Tavakolian has authored many articles.  Some of his articles have appeared in prestigious journals such as MIS Quarterly; International Business Schools Computing Quarterly (IBSC); Society of Advance Management (SAM); Management Research; and Industrial Management & Data Systems (IMDS).