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Human Resources

"HR has helped our leadership understand that people are our most important resource."
-Steve Lyle, Director of Worldwide Staffing Texas Instruments

The Outlook for HR

In the private and public sectors, within large and small businesses, the demand for HR professionals is growing. Projections for the Los Angeles area indicate that employer demand for individuals with expertise in HR will continue to exceed the number qualified individuals. Candidates with the skills and experience needed for effective HR will be valuable assets, particularly in growing organizations. Whether you want to gain a broad array of skill and knowledge or become specialized in one area, an emphasis in HR can get your started. In addition, HR offers you opportunities for advancing up the corporate ladder.


  • Entry-level jobs
      (Compensation Analyst I, Recruiter, I, Employee Relations Specialist I, Training Specialist I, Hr Generalist I) $40,000 - $54,000
  • Entry-level with experience
      (EEO Specialist, higher level Recruiters, Employee Relations Specialist, Training Specialists, compensation Analysts)
      $51,00 - $75,000
  • Management (Compensation Manager, Training Manager)$71,000 - 103,000.
  • Director-level - $101,000 - $227,000
  • Executive-level $190,000-337,000

Operations Management

A CSUF Business Degree in Management with an Operations emphasis is your entry way to a career in Operations Management.

Why a Career in Operations Management?

All Organizations have an operations function Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, even MIS, are only functions supporting the main activity of the organization, which is coordinating the activities that result in a product or a service. Operations Management performs this central coordination. Therefore you will be in total view of the company's business In organizations that provide a service, such as those in health care and communications, operations management is considered the ultimate key function Critical aspects of producing a product or delivering a service, such a quality and cost, are in the hands of Operations Management because this function coordinates key activities like supplier relations, purchasing, inventory management, production, quality assurance ad distribution.

Some Recent News Items on Operations Mgmt Careers
Operations Manager Salary Survey:

  • Mean salary of an Operations Manager in California $75,845

  • Operations Manager with 1-4 years experience $45,000  

2001 Top Silicone Valley Executive Salaries List:

  • 11 were Chief Operating Officers (COO)

  • Only 8 were Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

Healthcare managers Salaries and Compensation Survey

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO) is the second highest paid, after CEO

  • COO paid more than CFO and top IT positions

Operations Management Jobs appear weekly in the LA Times and Orange County Register Jobs frequently announced include:

  • Materials Managers and Planners

  • Contract and Project Managers

  • Supply Chain Management Analysts/Specialists

  • Purchasing/Procurement Managers and Assistants

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