General Use Classrooms

The general use classrooms in Steven G. Mihaylo Hall (SGMH) are equipped with technology to facilitate instruction. Each room has an equipment niche, podium, ceiling mounted projectors, screens, and ceiling mounted speakers.

The niche houses a Multimedia Presentation System consisting of a system switching unit and a DVD/VCR combo unit.

The podium houses a computer, A/V controls, a lapel microphone unit, and facilities to accommodate a laptop.

Faculty members using General Use Classrooms may obtain keys to the niche and the podium after attending a short training session.

Students are not allowed to use the equipment when a faculty member is not in the room.

All faculty members must attend a short training session to become familiar with the General Use Classroom. To schedule General Use Classroom training, please call ext. x2621. Keys to the niche and the podium will be issued at the end of this training.

Please report all technical difficulties to x7009 immediately.

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