Journal Publications

Publications in the Senior Scholars' Basket of Top Journals or the FT-45 List:

Turel, O. (Forthcoming) Quitting the use of a habituated hedonic information system: A theoretical model and empirical examination of Facebook users. European Journal of Information Systems,

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Other Good Publications - The "Dark Side" of Technology Use:

Tu, Z.,Turel, O., Yuan, Y., and Archer, N.(2015) Learning to cope with information security risks regarding mobile device loss or theft: An empirical examination. Information and Management, 52(4), pp. 506-517

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Other Good Publications - Technology Adoption and Use:

Wang, Y., Yuan, Y., Turel, O., and Tu, Z. (Forthcoming) Understanding the development and diffusion of mobile commerce technologies in China: A biographic study with An Actor-Network Theory perspective. International Journal of e-Commerce,

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Other Good Publications - Entrepreneurship:

Khanin, D.  and Turel, O.  (Forthcoming) Conflicts and regrets in the venture capitalist-entrepreneur relationship. Journal of Small Business Management, (Accepted Nov. 14, 2012)

Khanin, D., and Turel, O. (Forthcoming) VC-CEO conflicts and counterfactual thinking. Journal of Private Equity, (Accepted Feb.8, 2012)

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Other Good Publications - Research Methods:

Soper, D., and Turel, O. (2012) An n-Gram analysis of Communications 2000–2010. Communications of the ACM, 55 (5), pp. 81-87

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Other Good Publications - Other Topics:

Connely, C.E., Ford, D.P., Turel, O., Gallupe, B., and Zweig, D. (2013) "I'm busy (and competitive)!"Antecedent of knowledge sharing under pressure.  Journal of Knowledge Management Research & Practice

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