52nd Edwards Bayesian Research Conference

Alexander and Batchelder - The Effects of Losing Your Marbles: A Tale of Free Recall

Trueblood - It's Not Rocket Science, It's Quantum Mechanics!

Narens - A non-Boolean Boolean event space for decision theory

Weiss - Who "Nose" What Tomorrow Brings?

Shanteau - Measure for Measure(ment)

Wakker - Aiming for the impossible: preference measurements that upset neither economists nor psychologists

Birnbaum - I Keep on Digging -- Well Well Well...

Muller-Trede - Intransitive Cycles and Rational Choice

Baucells - (I Can't Get No) Satitation

Chen - Arbiter of Rationality

Stevenson - Time Discounts All Wounds

Cavagnaro and Aranovich - One parameter, two parameter, three parameter four?

Kim - How far can we look ahead in designing our experiment

Goldstein - Elicitation Excitation

Newman - Amazon Mechanical Bayes

Thompson - Attacking non-Bayesian Reasoning

John - Equity as a Protected Value in Security Selection Procedures

Cui - Psychological Distance in Cyber Decision Making