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Full-time MBA Program

Mihaylo MBA graduates gain expertise in both the technical and business skills needed to succeed in a dynamic business community. Yet, the Full-time MBA program provides additional career and professional development opportunities for graduates including specific leadership, interpersonal and business-acumen skills, along with the top flight world-class, in-depth functional knowledge for which we’ve always been known.

Completing the program in less than two years, by attending four classes in Fall, Spring, Summer and the following Fall, your time away from the workplace is limited, improving the opportunity cost. The total program cost is less than $45,000 and includes all courses, workshops, the Mihaylo Leadership Academy, and travel costs for the international trip component.

Join us for an information session to learn more details about the benefits and features of the Mihaylo Full-time MBA program.

Key Features of the Mihaylo Full-time MBA Program
  • Mihaylo Leadership Academy
  • 16-month program
  • International study abroad and cultural business experience
  • Cohort-based program
  • Lower opportunity cost
  • Guaranteed graduation date
  • Dedicated advising, faculty mentors and career development
  • Internship options available
  • AACSB dually accredited B-school
  • Ranked in top 125 MBA programs nationally by U.S. News & World Report
Mihaylo Leadership Academy

The Mihaylo Leadership Academy (MLA) focuses on the development of leadership skills. This academy teaches effective leadership practices over six full weeks of professional development seminars, workshops, and experiential sessions. Students will gain self-awareness about their personal leadership style; better understand the methods used to influence people and encourage the work efforts of their employees; improve their ability to delegate; learn to coach and mentor others; and enhance their professional and career development. Students will analyze the characteristics of effective and innovative leaders and learn to examine organizational leadership challenges using a variety of different methods and approaches. A variety of learning designs will be utilized, including role plays, self-assessment inventories, in-class exercises, case studies, and discussions, and small group dialog with faculty coaches.

MLA sessions are organized into three modules that are presented over six full weeks, covering three semesters:

  • Semester #1 – Leadership Foundations - Competencies, Skills and Self-Assessment
  • Semester #2 – Leading Individuals, Groups and Teams
  • Semester #3 – Leading in Strategic and Responsible Organizations

In addition to the six weeks, the program includes an international cultural experience and global business study to be offered during the January intersession after the first semester. Learning about business practices first-hand from companies and executives, and engaging in a learning environment in a foreign location, is an invaluable part of an MBA experience. Testing out effective practices and interpersonal skills in the “living laboratory” of an international environment will be an irreplaceable component of your new degree.

Lastly, the Mihaylo Leadership Academy contains many key sessions on career management and business acumen. Case study competitions, Q & A sessions with business leaders, coaching and mentoring relationships, career management workshops, and guest speakers help to round out the comprehensive experience.

The MBA Career Center

The MBA Career Center is an integral part of the experience for the Full-time program. Through key assessments, workshops and seminars, coaching and mentoring in the Mihaylo Leadership Academy, and important online resources, the MBA Career Center is a source for career management and professional development. Students in the Mihaylo Full-time MBA program experience the services of the MBA Career Center through these types of services and experiences:

  • Corporate and industry networking mixers
  • HIRE sessions with company presenters
  • Career development seminars
  • MBA level resume resources
  • Regional professional association events
  • Internship and Full-time job databases
  • Job and internship fairs
  • On-and off-campus interviews
  • Access to online resources
  • Assessment tools

Cohort Format
As a student in the Full-time MBA program, you will enter in a cohort, taking four courses in Fall, Spring, Summer and the following Fall. This accelerated format enables you to complete the program in less than 2 years.  The FTMBA offers a cohort model in which students work through the program with a group of peers who begin and complete their degree together. Throughout their curriculum, students are provided with a stimulating networking environment.

Additional Requirements
Prior to admission to the program, students must demonstrate proficiency in calculus and statistics. The courses below or equivalent coursework must be completed with grades of at least a "C" (2.0)

  • Business Calculus | Math 130 or 135 at CSUF (3 units)
    • Or enroll in the Graduate Programs Quantitative Preparatory Course, offered each fall
    • Fall 2015 Dates: August 29, September 5, September 12 and September 19
  • Statistical Analysis | ISDS 316A or ISDS 513 at CSUF(3 units)

Equivalent courses in Calculus may be taken at a community college.  To find equivalencies at the community college check out http://www.assist.org/web-assist/welcome.html.  The Statistics course must be completed at CSUF or a 4 year institution.

The FT MBA Program
The degree encompasses a total of 45 units of coursework. 30 units are dedicated to foundation core coursework, 12 units in concentration courses, and the remaining three units will be completed by the MBA capstone course.

MBA Foundation Courses (30 units)
Acct 510 Financial Accounting (3)
Mgmt 518 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (3)
Econ 515 Microeconomic Perspectives for Managers (3)
Mgmt 524 Seminar in Organizational Behavior & Admin. (3)
Acct 511 Seminar in Managerial Accounting (3)
Fin 517 Managerial Finance (3)
Mgmt 516 Operations Management (3)
ISDS 514 Decision Models for Business & Economics (3)
Mktg 519 Marketing Management (3)
Mgmt 515 or
Econ 521 or
ISDS 551
Management Information in the Corporate Environment (3) or
Macroeconomic Perspectives for Managers (3) or
Information Resource and IT Project Management (3)

* Click here for course descriptions.
* Courses determined by the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics and are subject to availability.

MBA Concentration Electives: (12 units)
Students, as a cohort, may be able to complete 12 units or four classes of general concentration courses. Or students who meet the prerequisites may opt to complete a specific concentration in either Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, Management, or Marketing.

Capstone Course (3 Units)
Buad 591 Business Strategy Capstone (3)

Terminal Requirements
To graduate, students must complete the individual written component of the BUAD 591: Comprehensive Business Management group project with a grade of B or better. Students must also complete a minimum of 45 units and maintain a 3.0 minimum overall grade point average.

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