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The MBA for the Fully Employed (FEMBA) at Irvine program is designed for working professionals who live/work in the Orange County and surrounding area who are looking for a part-time educational option while maintaining full-time employment. The program was created for experienced working professionals who value the impact an MBA will have on their careers.

Located on our Irvine campus, the program features the same high quality curriculum and faculty as the Fullerton campus programs, but with some distinct differences.

Benefits and Features of the FEMBA Program at Cal State Fullerton

  1. Cohort-based curriculum
  • An instant network of working professionals from many different industries
  • In classes with students from similar and advanced professional levels
  • Go through program as a group instead of having a bunch of new faces each semester
  • Helps to build relationships which enhance the team-based experiences in the program
  1. Set schedule for entire program
  • Entire program runs on the same two nights from start to finish (either M/W or T/Th) which helps you balance your work and other responsibilities by knowing your class days for the whole program
  • You always know that you’ll have the class that you need – you won’t be closed out of a class or section and have to scramble to find an alternate
  • Set graduation date – provided you maintain good academic progress and meet all the requirements as scheduled, you know your graduation date upon entry in the program
  1. Smaller class sizes
  • Cohort is capped at 35 – most cohorts tend to be in the middle 20’s
  • This gives more opportunity for discussion and one-on-one opportunities with the faculty
  1. Increased faculty-student interaction – more dynamic classroom
  • The FEMBA classroom is structured for discussion format and case method analysis along with examination of concepts and theories
  1. Classroom made up of experienced professionals
  • You are in a cohort of peers and those at a higher level – no one is right out of an undergraduate program
  • All your classmates should have an extensive network within their respective industries – as you make solid contacts with your cohort members, you have the potential of being part of their networks

The program is led by more than 200 experienced faculty providing applied knowledge on the globalization of business and advancements in communications and technology.

Students in our FEMBA come from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds, but share the dedication and desire to obtain their MBA from an accredited institution. Students in the program enter in a cohort and can expect to benefit from the close relationships they form with their colleagues.

Students who enroll in the program will engage in a challenging market-driven curriculum that will completely challenge their existing thought process. Through dynamic classroom environments, students will learn to shape their management and leadership skills and test their ethical and moral boundaries.

The FEMBA program will provide you with the tools you need to be a strong competitor in today's market. We encourage you to attend an information sessions at our Irvine Campus to see why the CSUF Mihaylo College of Business and Economics graduate programs are right for you.  For questions we invite you to learn more about our MBA programs and encourage you to contact us with any questions. You can reach a pre-admission advisor at (657) 278-3622 or to RSVP for one of the information sessions click here.

Cohort Format
As a student in the Fullerton FEMBA at Irvine program, you will enter in a cohort, taking one course every 6-8 weeks, and two courses per semester and one course in the summer throughout the year. This accelerated format enables you to concentrate on one subject area at a time.

The FEMBA offers a cohort model in which students work through the program with a group of peers who begin and complete their degree together. Throughout their curriculum, students are provided with a stimulating networking environment in which they may learn from each other and form long term professional relationships. Sharing experiences, goals, ideas, and knowledge within a multidisciplinary context are one of the key features of this model.

Other benefits of the program include a set schedule throughout the duration of the program, eliminating concern about getting into classes and making it simple to plan work and family commitments in advance.

Additional Requirements
Students, prior to enrollment to the program, must complete prerequisites calculus and statistics with grades of a least a "C".  If prerequisites are not met prior to enrollment please contact the Assistant Director of Enrollment Operations, Kellee Carter.

  • Business Calculus | Math 130 or 135 at CSUF (3 units)
    • Or enroll in the Graduate Programs Quantitative Preparatory Course, offered each fall
    • Fall 2014 Dates: August 30, September 6 and September 13
  • Statistical Analysis | ISDS 316A or ISDS 513 at CSUF(3 units)

Equivalent courses in Calculus may be taken at a community college.  To find equivalencies at the community college please visit  The Statistics course must be completed at CSUF or a 4 year university.

Core Curriculum
The Fullerton FEMBA at Irvine has been designed to give students a strong foundation in business fundamentals. In addition, students will complete a general concentration that will focus on team leadership, comparative management, financial administration, and topics in marketing. Each course builds the students business and practical knowledge while providing the leadership skills and groundwork necessary to become effective leaders and managers. Through hands-on learning and networking opportunities, The College's MBA prepares students to be effective leaders by emphasizing conceptual, analytical, technical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Each MBA course is built on a forward-looking curriculum reflecting the ever-changing needs of today's organizations. Students can expect to discuss current issues, learn from past case studies, forecast future trends, and participate in dynamic group discussions.

The Fullerton FEMBA in Irvine program
The degree encompasses a total of 45 units of coursework. 30 units are dedicated to foundation core coursework, 12 units in general concentration courses, and the remaining three will be completed by the MBA capstone course.

MBA Core (30 units)
Acct 510 Financial Accounting (3)
Mgmt 518 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business (3)
Econ 515 Microeconomic Perspectives for Managers (3)
Mgmt 524 Seminar in Organizational Behavior & Admin. (3)
Acct 511 Seminar in Managerial Accounting (3)
Fin 517 Managerial Finance (3)
Mgmt 516 Operations Management (3)
ISDS 514 Decision Models for Business & Economics (3)
Mktg 519 Marketing Management (3)
Mgmt 515 or
Econ 521 or
ISDS 551
Mgmt Information in the Corporate Environment (3) or
Macroeconomic Perspectives for Mangers (3) or
Information Resource and IT Project Management (3)

* Click here for course descriptions.
* Courses determined by the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics and are subject to availability.

MBA Concentration Electives: (12 units)
Students, as a Cohort, will complete 12 units or four classes of general concentration courses. The concentration consists of Mgmt 525 Seminar in Team Leadership, Mgmt 547 Comparative Management, Fin 533 Seminar in Financial Administration, and Mktg 596T Contemporary Topics in Marketing (subject to availability).

Capstone Course (3 Units)
Buad 591 Business Strategy Capstone (3)

Terminal Requirements
To graduate, students must complete the individual written component of the Buad 591: Comprehensive Business Management group project with a grade of B or better. Students must also complete a minimum of 45 units and maintain a 3.0 minimum overall grade point average.

For Further Information
To access the university catalog, please visit If you have questions regarding admissions and application procedures for the MBA or FEMBA programs, please contact our Recruitment Specialist at or (657) 278-3622.

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