Many advisement options are available to students:

Career and Academic Advising is provided within the Department of Finance. Faculty Advisors try to help students decide on appropriate majors, concentrations and areas or emphasis. We also provide information about the nature of work performed by professionals in the field of finance. We advise students in matters of course selection and try to provide advice that will help our students do better in the classroom and be better prepared to enter the world of work in a professional capacity. The list below is designed to give students an idea of the areas of expertise possessed by different faculty members. However, most faculty members can provide advice in all areas.

Advisor Concentrations
Dr. Mark Stohs (Chair) All Advisory Tracks
Dr. Mehmet Akbulut Corporate Finance
Dr. Ajay Bhootra Investments
Dr. Carolyn Chang International Finance & Investments
Dr. Donald Crane Personal Financial Planning
Dr. John Erickson Corporate & Investment
Dr. Joseph Greco International Finance (Center for Emerging Market)
Dr. Jenny Yi Jiang Corporate Finance
Dr. Michael LaCour-Little Real Estate (Real Estate Land Use Institute)
Dr. Tony Lai Investments
Dr. Yuming Li Investments
Dr. Zhenguo Len Lin Real Estate
Dr. Laura Yue Liu Corporate & Investments
Dr. Weili Lu Insurance (Center for Insurance Study)
Dr. Thanh Nguyen Corporate Finance 
Dr. Carol Sojung Park Insurance
Dr. Yingdi Wang Corporate Finance 
Dr. Xiaoying Xie Insurance
Dr. Jing Yang Corporate Finance

Career Planning and Placement Center - Students Should also be aware of the fact that our University has a Career Planning and Placement Center which is located in Langsdorf Hall, Room 208 (Telephone 278-3121). This office provides useful information about careers, assesses the aptitude of students for various professions, and provides job placement services. They have an extensive Web site with a wide variety of links:

Counseling and Psychological Services - For many of our students, life is very complicated and this sometimes results in stress, confusion, poor academic performance and general discontent. In such cases, it is recommended that the student seek the help of personal counselors at Counseling and Psychological Services in Langsdorf Hall 205 (Telephone 278-3040). Counseling and Psychological Services also has Web site you can visit to find out more about their services, as well as find information on crisis intervention and 24-hour hotlines:

For career advising through the Mihaylo College, please visit the Mihaylo Career Services.

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