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Why should I select a finance concentration in the College of Business and Economics at Cal State Fullerton?

The field of finance is an exciting and extremely diverse area of business ranging from corporate financial management, financial institutions management, real estate, insurance and financial services to international financial management, investments, and financial planning. It offers students the opportunity to pursue different skills in the various areas of finance and provides them with insight into financial and investment decisions.

Acquisition of skills – The finance concentration in the College of Business and Economics is designed to provide students with skills in the analysis of financial problems encountered by corporate managers real estate managers, investor, portfolio managers, security analysts, investment bankers, stock brokers, loan officers at financial institutions, and more.

International Recognized Faculty – Faculty members in the Department of Finance are leaders in their fields and have national and international reputations in their areas of expertise.


What is finance?

Finance is an academic discipline with direct, practical business applications.  First, finance deals with the decisions made by companies.  It provides solutions to the problems companies encounter when they consider how to finance their activities in the areas of investing in productive assets, manufacturing selling products or providing services.

Second, finance focuses on the markets for the securities that firms and governments sell. It describes how these markets operate and how the activities of investors, corporations and governments affect these markets.


What types of careers are available?

Finance students are thoroughly prepared to seek diverse careers that include:

  • Corporate financial mangers such as financial officers, budgeting analysts, and credit analysts;
  • Real estate professionals such as real estate analysts, mortgage brokers, and commercial and residential sales people, property,   managers and appraisers;
  • Financial institutions managers such as loan officers, financial analysts, bank operations managers and portfolio managers;
  • Securities investments professionals such as stock brokers, security analysts, and investment bankers, portfolio managers and   financial planners;
  • Insurance professionals such as underwriters, claim adjusters, actuaries, portfolio managers, risk managers, and marketing and   salespeople.
- For more career information, please visit the Career Planning and Placement Center.


What courses are required for the program?

Please consult this page for Undergraduate requirements.
Please consult this page for Graduate requirements.


Are there special scholarships and activities for finance students?

Please consult this page for information on scholarships.


How can I learn more?

For additional information on careers or specific question about courses in the Finance program, you can contact the Finance Department office at (657) 278-2217.

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