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Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
Mandatory Ethics Requirement

One of the goals of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics (MCBE) is to promote the development of ethically responsible students who will become future professionals in business, economics and other related fields. As responsible members of the MCBE community, students are expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity and overall ethical conduct. To ensure that all MCBE students are aware of these standards, the faculty of the MCBE adopted a policy that mandates students fulfill the MCBE Ethics requirement by acknowledging the MCBE Student Code of Ethics, become familiar with the policies and practices related to academic dishonesty and plagiarism, and demonstrate competency in these areas by passing the MCBE Ethics Quiz.

Newly Admitted MCBE Students
1.  Undergraduate Transfer Students 
Before registering for the first semester, all new transfer students entering the MCBE are required to:

    a.  Fulfill the MCBE Ethics Requirement

    b.  Visit with an advisor in the Business Advising Center

2.  Graduate Students

All newly admitted graduate students are required to fulfill the MCBE Ethics Requirement before registering for their first semester.


MCBE Students Declaring Their Concentration
Before students can submit an application to declare their concentration, students must:
  1. Fulfill the MCBE Ethics Requirement


MCBE Ethics Requirement


The MCBE Ethics requirement consists of three parts. The first part requires that you read three documents. Second, you must read and acknowledge the MCBE Student Code of Ethics. And last, you must take and pass an ethics quiz. After you pass the quiz, make sure to print out the first page of the results and keep it for your personal records. The results page should include your score and CWID. It is estimated that it will take approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete this requirement.

Step 1. Read the documents

The Ethics Quiz is based upon your knowledge of three documents: (1) University Policy Statement (UPS) 300.021 "Academic Dishonesty;" (2) UPS 300.030 "Academic Appeals;" and (3) the "Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism" by Sandra Rhoten, the University's Associate Dean for Judicial Affairs in the Dean of Students Office. You need to read these documents before attempting the quiz. Please read these documents, which have been hyperlinked below.

UPS 300.021 "Academic Dishonesty"
UPS 300.030 "Academic Appeals"
"Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism"

Step 2. After reading the documents, you then take the Ethics Quiz. To proceed, login to TITANium through your Student Portal and then follow these directions:

  1. Select TITANium Communities.

    TITANium Communities

  2. Select Site home under Navigation

    select course

  3. Select Search Courses under Search

    test category

  4. On the top right corner, enter "Mihaylo Ethics" on search courses and click Go button.

    search courses

  5. Enter the Enrollment Key: mihayloethics to enroll.

    Enroll to Mihaylo Ethics

  6. Click Mihaylo Ethics to enter this course.

    My Courses

  7. Read the Student Code of Ethics and then click Mark Reviewed radio button on the lower left corner. Save your choice.

    mark reviewed and save your choice

  8. Select Ethics Quiz to start your quiz.

  9. When you finish the quiz, make sure you click Submit all and finish button or your answers will not be saved.


A minimum score of 12 points is required to pass the quiz. You may retake the quiz as many times as necessary.

After you pass the exam, print out the results and keep it for your personal records.

If you need to take the quiz again, simply click on the ethics quiz to re-attempt the quiz.

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