Financial Assistance

Graduate Assistantships:

The department of economics has a limited number of assistantships available for exceptional graduate students with strong applications. For these students, the department will offer half-time (20 hours of work per week) graduate assistantships (approximately $9,000/year). The graduate assistants are expected to have fluency in English, have an ability to tutor American undergraduate students and are expected to assist the faculty in various aspects of research.

Tuition waiver:

Students from abroad or from out-of-state (not from California) pay higher tuition than students who are legal residents of California. For exceptional students, the department recommends to the graduate school that tuition waivers be awarded.

No separate financial aid application is required for financial aid or out-of-state tuition waiver. If you want to be considered for financial aid and tuition waiver, please make sure that that your application file is complete by May 1 for fall admissions and by November 1 for spring admissions.

Other Financial Aid Awards:

A number of other financial aid and student loan programs are also offered by the University. For more information, please see:

For more information about the costs of attending CSUF, please see:

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