Certificate of Professional Sales

Earn a Certificate of Professional Sales

Students have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Professional Sales. The program is designed for CSUF students who are seeking employment as a sales professional or would like to learn sales skills.

The Certificate is a clear indication of a student's commitment to enhancing their value to potential employers, and is a speaking point on any résumé.

How do I earn a Certificate of Professional Sales?

By following these steps, not only will you earn your certificate, but you will also have the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

Step 1:   Become an active member of the Sales Leadership Center. Sign up online here.

Step 2:   Attend or participate in at least two of the following Sales Leadership Center events.
                    1. "Build Your Career Workshop". Join working professionals to learn about job and career opportunities in a wide variety
                        of industries and network with these firms college recruiters. More info
                    2. Attend a minimum of two of the Sales Leadership Center's executive speakers events per academic year.
                    3. Compete as a contestant in the Titan Sales Competition. More info
                    4. Attend one of the Sales Leadership Center's industry sales skills training programs offered in October and November.
                        More info
                    5. Sign up for either a committee or leadership team position.

Step 3:          1. Successfully complete the Sales Fundamentals Workshop course. More info
                    2. Successfully complete the Sales Skills for Consumer Products Workshop course. More info
                    3. Successfully complete the following Mihaylo Marketing Department courses:
                                    * Professional Selling - 401

* CSUF Juniors and Seniors will be awarded the certificate at the Annual Recognition Banquet to be held on May 2, 2014.

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