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Client Testimonials

California State University, Fullerton's Small Business Institute® has won over 40 awards for outstanding student consulting to small business owners. It won the 1996, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2008 National Graduate Case of the Year Award from the Small Business Institute Director's Association (SBIDA), placed second in 2006, placed second in the 1999 and 2002 in the undergraduate division, placed first in the undergraduate comprehensive division in 2000 and won 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2008 Regional honors for both graduate and undergraduate (Top five in the Nation). Members of this association represent over two hundred major colleges and universities.

At the conclusion of each student consulting agreement, we ask our clients to evaluate how well we served them. Over the years, our clients have replied with hundred of testimonials. Below is a sampling of their comments:

“The professionalism that these young men and women posses and their willingness to work around our schedules was truly impressive…we have already benefited from their work more than we did from a professional consulting company that cost us around $50,000 and weeks of our time.”

- Jeff W. Johnson, President EnerTech Systems, Inc.

“We found the students to be energetic, insightful and knowledgeable beyond their years…we value the experience with them.”

- Craig Smith, CEO, Interfresh, Inc.

“The students did a great job of digging deeper than necessary to get a grade and worked the issues as if for their own company.”

- James L. Breese, President, WestLand Engineering Co

“The results were well worth our time and effort, in fact, we would consider doing it again in a heartbeat. They worked together like a fine-tuned professional sports team, creating a plan of action, gathering research and offering avenue for improvement.”

- Chad M. McLain, Vice President, Homeowner Construction

“The group was tasked to conduct a complete market analysis to best determine our sales, marketing and distribution strategies for new brand and product line. My time requirements were minimal and the group researched everything necessary to complete the task. Their data resulted in a number of analytical ways to determine the most effective strategy.”

- Scott M. Decker, President/CEO, Cramer Decker Medical, Inc.

“They began this project with hours of fact-finding missions…they made the effort of tracking down my Showroom Managers that are located throughout Orange County. My staff was shocked at what they uncovered and how much they knew about our business in such a short time.”

- Michael Jenkins, President/CEO, Renaissance Doors & Windows

“The students not only thoroughly analyzed our company; they researched the home health care industry specifically and studied our competitors. The student’s presentation was informative, logical and inspiring.”

- Kenneth E. Stevens, President, All Care

“These students organized a very well-planned approach to obtaining information. They were extremely pleasant and professional at all times. I was impressed with the amount of research they did to educate themselves.”

- Calvin J. Coastsworth, AIA, Principal, Carlile Coatsworth Architects

“They were thorough and right on target. Having already referred several of my friends and customers to the CSUF program, I will continue to endorse [their] efforts at the college.”

- Bruce J. McClymonds, Seal Furniture & Systems Inc.

“They were thorough in their research, and their recommendations for improving sales efforts were extremely helpful.”

- George W. Thaung, Best Value Inn

“These talented young people worked together well as a team and they presented themselves in a very professional way. Their ability to quickly adjust to and understand a facility such as ours was fantastic!”

- Elroy Vander Lay, Artesia Christian Home

“The presentation brought forward several ideas which we have or will be implementing.”

- Dale Gilbert, Aazel Corporation

“We felt the services they provided to our firm were comparable to any professional consulting firm we might have hired. They were thorough, knowledgeable and professional.”

- Kim Jorgenson, Plums Café and Catering

“The team provided a meaningful and well outlined proposal to energize and improve the marketing and business development segment of my enterprise.”

- Christopher Schran, Reliance Equipment Distributor Co.

“The team’s final presentation demonstrated tremendous effort and solid strategic thinking.”

- Steve Binnixm, RTI Electronics

“Any business that is looking for new insight and creativity would definitely benefit from this program. Our team was very responsive to our needs and approached solutions with complete professionalism.”

- Kathy Proffit, Anderson Bat Company

“The students gave us a fresh look at where we are and what we might do to propel our company to its next level. The report will give us the necessary tools to compile a sound business plan.”

- Donna-Marie Acker, Advanced Conservation Technology, Inc.

“The students introduced windows of opportunity that we had not considered before. We consider the final report to be a great benefit to our company.”

- James Hensman, Cal-Therm Corp.

“Over two years ago, my company paid a management firm an enormous fee for a business plan. I can tell you now, their report couldn’t hold a candle to the report you and your students presented to my partners and me.”

- Mr. Ronald Fought, Pre-Mix Products

“The team members were knowledgeable and supportive of our organization’s specific needs. I think the team was responsible for our improved profit. It was 7 percent last year and 2, 3 percent in previous years.

- Mr. Richard B. Finnie II, M. R. Mold & Engineering Corp.

“The team’s efforts, diligence and research into our industry and company were very impressive. The team began this project with no prior knowledge of the intricacies of our industry, and did a great job of ramping up their knowledge and understanding. We gained significant insight from their research. An extremely valuable and cost effective service.”

- Mr. Ronald Stein, Principal Technical Services

“…we endorse this program as a highly effective consultation and research project that can be very beneficial to the small business sector.”

- Glen Pickren, Barron Financial Services

“Our staff took both personal and professional pleasure in working with our student team. We have started to implement on of their major suggestions and plan to implement many others over the next few months.”

- Mike Gancar, Bermad, Inc.

“Today, I can happily report that ISI is recovering and doing quite well. That is due, in part, to the timely relationship with the team from Cal State Fullerton.”

- Ms. Diana Klimek, Inductor Supply, Inc.

“Thank you for the terrific job. You showed extreme insightfulness, creativity, organization and attention to detail.”

- Dr. Philip Megdal, Family Dental Group

“Our firm is very specialized and information on our industry is generally difficult to find. The students, however, were very attentive and were able to quickly learn about what we do in order to provide useful feedback.”

- Ms. Jeanne M. Klimowski, Government Finance Group

“I found their report to be thorough and their conclusions both grounded in solid analysis and insightful.”

- Michael Caddidy, Stained Glass Overlay

“I believe the work of the consulting team will be the turning point for Visual Signs to emerge as a profitable, growing organization.”

- Ronald Stock, Visual Signs

“We truly believe this experience has been a win-win for everyone involved and appreciate the team’s fresh approach to some of our age-old problems.”

- Gloria Hale, Hale Glass, Inc.

“The team’s evaluation and recommendations will go a long way in helping us focus on those areas that will grow a successful and profitable organization.”

- Maria de Lourds Sobrino, LuLu’s Dessert Factory

“The study was well done and very, very thorough. The team did a remarkable job and we will use much of the information that they gathered to help us in the future.”

- Edwin L. Kinney, Thoro’Bred, Inc.

“This was far and away the best experience we ever had with an outside consultant. The results were worth possibly 20 or 30 times the small fee we paid.”

- Bernard A. Spear, Preston Scientific

“...we actually found many of your observations, findings and recommendations uniquely different than what we in this industry might have otherwise thought.”

- Lee Roberts, Roberts Protection & Investigations

“The marketing analysis that the team compiled is a workable file of information that my marketing people are currently using with some immediate payoffs. I highly endorse this program.”

- Jeff Bittner, Memory Module Assembly, Inc.

“The team’s recommendations were extremely advantageous because they gave advice I had not considered previously. I give this program my highest recommendation.”

- Steven C. Chang, M.D., NHT Medical Center

“We greatly appreciate the countless hours of research an analysis invested by your team. The final report has concrete and well thought out suggestions we plan to implement immediately.”

- Dick Van Eck, Jr., Fleet Services

“I feel that by allowing your students to help us with this project, we not only saved previous time and money, but also greatly enhanced out own management skills by watching your team in action.”

- Mr. Alan Safahi, CALCOM Cellular

“Now, the program has even benefited me more by giving me needed third party insights into solutions for problems and opportunities facing this business.”

- Mr. Richard Price, California Custom Shapes

“I am pleased to inform you that we have already begun to implement some of their well thought-out recommendations. We are confident that the results will be of lasting benefit to our company.”

- Ms. Susan Fredricks, Displaymor Manufacturing Co., Inc.

“The team’s responsiveness to our needs and innovative ideas has been the impetus of changes that would otherwise not been feasible. We saved time and expense, and gained insight and a sharper competitive edge.”

- Mike Knicker, Q-Plus Quality Related Services

“The team worked closely with my employees and me, assuring our complete satisfaction with the results. The experience has been a pleasure and a great success.”

- Julie A. Houser, Mark Optics

"They have made some excellent observations in areas that can lend themselves to significant growth. They came forth with new ideas for the human resources area that can be implemented immediately."

- Mr. David Hayes, Rehab Alliance

"The research and subsequent recommendations of the students were valuable and many of the suggestions have already been implemented."

- Mr. Arne Beruldsen, Hemingway Personnel

"Today, I can happily report that ISI is recovering and doing quite well. That is due, in part, to the timely relationship with the team from Cal State Fullerton."

- Ms. Diana Klimek, Inductor Supply Inc.

"We will start implementing some of their recommendations into our own annual business plan."

- Mr. Duke Y. Chen, Equus Products Inc.

"It was quite obvious the amount of effort they put into this project. Even more important to me--it was very effective."

- Mr. Rob Norden, Prime Resource

“The group as a whole did a great job dividing up the aspects of the business they were instructed and listened to our more detailed issues to cover…we have implemented some ideas, including an invoice restructure. Each student also did a very professional job presenting to our team.”

- Douglas Childers, Mrktg. Director, Restaurants on the Run, Inc.

“Stadium Automotive is implementing the extremely valuable information that this winning team put together. This program should be available to all small business owners. It’s a definite win-win opportunity for all involved.”

- Jack Ferraro, Owner, Stadium Automotive

“My partner and I have worked together in the construction business since 1971 and I confess, I was a bit of a “doubting Thomas.” It became evident to all of us we had a group of folks serious about their work and commitment. Personally, my morale has greatly improved.”

- Larry Kaa, Owner, Freeman-Kaa, Inc.

“We received their results and recommendations. Three weeks later, we started implementing…it was impressive how they were able to recommend a lot in such a short time.”

- Victor Tinoco, President. Doctor Fume, Inc.

“We were hoping for some fresh ideas on new markets, new products and expansion within our current business. I can honestly say all the students had some very creative ideas. The suggestions that were presented by the group will be implemented immediately.”

- Thomas J. Power, Vice President, Schermerhorn Bros.

“Every member of the team showed enthusiasm, interest and dedication in assisting our company to maximize its potential by reviewing all operations of the business and providing insightful recommendations.”

- Gerard K. O’Donnell, Interpacific Asset Management

“These students were completely professional throughout…they approached their work with intelligence and seriousness. The thrust of their analysis was much deeper and broader than I expected, as were their conclusions. I am already implementing many of their recommendations.”

- Richard Goodman, President, Laguna Bamboo, Inc.

“The team did a great job. Their findings were well worth the time and money invested.”

- Sandra Flores, Luster Lace Polishes

“I feel that the strongest aspect is to have the team look at the business from a different perspective. I highly recommend your program.”

- Ray Gerber, Air Cleaning Solutions

“The team impressed me. Many well thought out ideas that we will implement.”

- Brad Barrett, Easi File

“I, like many entrepreneurs that have run a successful business…get locked into the various tasks at hand, as the majority of the planning has already been completed and the business ‘works.’ This process forced me to re-think many of the strategies that are in place, and as a result, I will be executing a few selected programs that I anticipate will yield significant results in 2004, and beyond.”

- Robert S. Kreisberg, Opus Marketing

“The presentation by the team was very professional and enthusiastic. I have implemented some of the material and hope to implement more in the future.”

- Paul Nicodemus, Nicodemus Plumbing

“The program is a five-star, high caliber winner. Its success reaches beyond the topics covered as it causes a small company owner to reevaluate the overall direction, purpose and effectiveness of their firm.”

- Duane Gomer, Duane Gomer Seminars

“My student team was remarkable. They were always very professional, very interested in my company and very hard working.”

- Peter Bendheim, Benrich Service Company

“The students found new data, systems, and issues that have helped us improve our efficiency, refine our goals, and aggressively market the groups most likely to purchase our products and services.”

- Colette M. Coffman, Colette’s Catering and Specialty Cakes

“The students provided useful research and insight into several opportunities. Even before their work was complete, I implemented some of their suggestions. Our company has already increased sales revenue and profitability.”

- Jim Kelton, Software Unlimited

“My partners and I find the result of their efforts to be superior (A+) in every aspect.”

- Mr. Michael Coehn, Michael D. Cohen, CPA

“After working with them, I would consider them business peers as well as students. Their high caliber speaks well for the ability of your program to attract them.”

- Mr. Tim Saunders, Mission Pest Control

“It was quite obvious the amount of effort they put into this project. Even more important to me-it was very effective.”

- Mr. Rob Norden, Prime Resource

“The suggestions of the student helped to solidify our resolve to abandon some of our old marketing approaches and move forward in more focused direction.”

- Mr. William K. Maxwell, Maxwell & Company CPAs

“They have opened our eyes to many valuable new ways to improve our business.”

- Mr. Greg Welburn, Summit Event Productions

“Now, the program has even benefited me more by giving me needed third party insights into solutions for problems and opportunities facing this business.”

- Mr. Richard Price, California Custom Shapes

“Their enthusiasm and focused energies to complete the task was certainly contagious, and almost made the laborious task of business plan preparation and a pleasant experience.”

- Dr. Roger Johnson, Systematix

“Their recommendations will be used to improve out business not only for our employees, but also for our clients.”

- Mr. Ronald Arndt, RIC Insurance General Agency

“Your program no only provides a valuable educational tool for graduate students, but most importantly provides an important service and business tool to many small companies.”

- Mr. Philip Harding, Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc.

“I found your students to be extremely dedicated people and perceptive and they brought to our attention many areas in our business that needed adjustments.”

- Mr. James Summers, National Video Subscription

“Participation in this program was invaluable, it was well worth the investment both in time and money to receive the results and guidelines which your team so professionally prepared and presented.”

- Elaine S. Ricketts, J.R. Miller & Associates, Inc.

“Your team was the best consulting team we have worked with in my tenure. I cannot think of another activity we participated in this year that yielded me more “value” in our present and future.”

- Michael Mercier, Towne, Inc.

“We received a substantial effort and many valuable recommendations from your team. Their evaluation was very thorough and insightful.”

- Francis Krahe, Francis Krahe & Associates, Inc.

“The team you sent to our company was awesome – motivated, self-managed hard working, and dedicated professionals. Their report is being put to immediate use as our roadmap to increased growth and profitability.”

- Craig M. Ryan, PacifiCom

“The team produced a top quality, relevant report. It provided some sorely needed revelation to my managers and me. I would recommend your program to any of my business associates.”

- Greg Miles, Miles & Kelly Construction Co., Inc.

“The team came up with recommendations that really suited us and will be of great value to our future growth.”

- Thomas J. Boyer, Boyer Company

“The team displayed a great deal of enthusiasm and eagerness. We found this project to be very useful for out company to grow into an even more successful operation.”

- Todd M. Gallagher, Apex Design Technology, Inc.

“The students did an outstanding job. We consider the findings well worth the time and cost invested.”

- Robert T. Eden, Anaheim Hills Auto Body

“This was far and beyond the best experience we ever had with an outside consultant.”

- John D. Sanchez, Sr., Rancho Restoration

“I strongly recommend this program to any business that has a desire to be better, and wants a fresh point of view at a phenomenal value!”

- Daniel G. MacLeith, Pacific Westline, Inc.

"Your student's questions were useful in helping us clarify our goals and objectives and I appreciate their enthusiasm and eagerness in assisting us."

- Ms. Denise Moon, Business Systems Specialties Inc.

"All the members of the student consulting group...have far exceeded my expectations!"

- Mr. John Sun, Citica, Inc.

"Your program does a service to this community that you should be very proud of."

- Ms. Sandi Krossky

"The final report was comprehensive and detailed and I would recommend your program to my colleague physicians."

- Dr. Brian Prieto, Eastlake Chiropractic Clinic

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