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CSUF Entrepreneurship Alumni Testimonials

Recently, the Center for Entrepreneurship commissioned a survey of its alumni to find out what they thought about the CSUF Entrepreneurship Program. With the benefit of anywhere between one and ten years as a professional, respondents to this survey are in an ideal position to pass judgment on whether or not receiving an education in Entrepreneurship from CSUF was a worthwhile endeavor. Here is what they had to say:

How did an Entrepreneurship Major/Minor/MBA prepare our alumni for the professional world?

“The Entrepreneurship Program provided an indispensable foundation for my understanding of the business world. Thanks to the Student Consulting Projects and the New Venture process, I found myself really getting how businesses work. Honestly, my understanding of business became an order of magnitude higher than my non-Entrepreneurship Major peers thanks to this program.”

“The program helped me get my feet wet with consulting, which I had to do after college before I was able to find a job. I still consult in the area of internet marketing for select Orange County restaurants and retailers.”

“Where do I even start…? The Entrepreneurship Program has done so much for me! I’ve met so many great people and made so many great connections. I’ve learned how to write a business plan and manage a team. I’ve learned how to consult and strategize improving operations. There’s too much to list here. In my opinion, this is where you need to be.”

“The Entrepreneurship Program had everything to do with creating my ventures. Through the experience I gained in consulting with real businesses and the opportunity of creating a business with staff and mentor support I have been able to recognize market trends and capitalize from emerging markets.”

“The program was a great launching pad for the pursuit of new ventures. The quality of the project-based learning and the community mentors were aspects I had great appreciation for.”

“The Student Consulting Program gave me a new perspective on what it meant to open and operate my own business. Some of the issues that we helped these business owners overcome were some of the very same issues I ran into in my own business and having a reference of how to deal with these issues has enabled me to solve them quickly.”

“[The CSUF Entrepreneurship Major] helped me learn the skills necessary to starting companies and running my own business.”

“The Entrepreneurship Program prepared me to operate a business. Being a young entrepreneur, I’ve already experienced many hardships. The Program taught me leadership skills, accounting principles, and management strategies that definitely helped me grow my business faster. The experience with companies from the Consulting Projects helped me a lot!”

What have our alumni been doing since graduating?

“I got my insurance license and I’m selling insurance and mortgages as well. I’m also seeking aid with Tank Skinz [the business he presented in the CSUF Business Plan Competition 2012, which won first prize] as well as always being on the lookout for new ventures.”

“I not only own and operate a Coca-Cola Collectibles online and brick ‘n’ mortar store but I also work for Disneyland where I train new hires on Main Street.”

“I have been working with my family’s real estate development firm, Clean City, to find a higher and better use for some of the aging properties along the main corridors in Anaheim. I have also been moonlighting as a software developer. Our product is called Citizen Dynamics and our goal is to digitize democracy.”

“During my time at CSUF I started a company and since then I have been busy building that company and this past December the company was sold.”

“Since graduating I have launched an online magazine targeting the men’s grooming niche. We get over 50,000 visitors per month and have partnered with Details magazine, Gillette and Speed Stick. I also work as a market research consultant for the Orange County Small Business Development Center.”

“I started a small, hobby-style business before I left, which I sold last year. I am currently working at a startup Catholic retreat center in Silverado as a general manager. My job entails just about everything from construction management to IT management to purchasing. I started my MBA last year at CSUF with the FEMBA program.”

“Working full time for a business started through the Entrepreneurship program at CSUF.”

“Continuing with the business that the Entrepreneurship Program helped me launch (The Double Knot) as well as working a second job.”

How do our alumni feel about the Student Consulting Program?

“The Student Consulting Projects were invaluable to me. They really gave me a [better] perspective on what it really takes to be successful in the real business world. How much hard work it takes and what is involved [in operating a business].”

“[The Student Consulting Projects were] extremely helpful. Nothing is better than learning firsthand how a business works than by working with a real business. Throwing us into the real world is a risk but that’s what separates an entrepreneur from the rest. We were able to touch base in four main aspects of business (operations, marketing, finance and human resources) and now I’m comfortable with every part of business.”

“These projects provide far greater benefit than any class I took before them. Working as a small group to literally change how a business grows and runs and getting involved in the infinite minutiae has helped me as a person develop in ways I never imagined.”

“The Student Consulting Projects were fantastic opportunities to explore how other entrepreneurs operated their companies. I learned how even businesses that have been in operation for many years can… be improved.”

“They were extremely helpful. It is hard to truly understand what business owners deal with without seeing it firsthand. That really allowed me to avoid the headache of making similar mistakes.”

“First off, the Student Consulting Projects looked great on my resume. It was helpful to work with different people and work with the challenge of identifying key issues in a business, find a solution and implement said solution.”

“The Student Consulting Projects were pivotal. It was real world experience that gave me the opportunity to interact with business people on an even level. We had the chance to help million dollar organizations as well as mom and pop startups. Each business owner was eager to help us and teach us something that will help us in our own ventures.”

“These projects take you away from the comfort of textbooks and wooden desks and makes you APPLY your education. They give you real-world business interactions and opportunities to problem solve…. Feedback from the professor, coach, client and teammates was honest and invaluable.”

What did our alumni like the most about the Entrepreneurship Program?

“The New Venture Creation process enabled me to better understand how to build a proper foundation for a business and the Student Consulting Projects bolstered my understanding of how to run an established firm.”

“One of my favorite parts about the program was hearing guest speakers from all the different fields. Another favorite was actually getting to launch my own business.”

“Hands on experience with businesses.”

“Actually applying the school work to the real world was my biggest highlight from this program. It felt like it wasn’t just a waste of time studying theory.”

“I truly enjoyed the opportunity to create and launch a company with staff and mentor support. I feel that in between talking about starting a company and actually starting a company there is a giant chasm that would not be crossed by many people without the program. I learned how to move from talking to walking.”

“The independence, trust and responsibility we were given as Entrepreneurship Majors. My friends in other concentrations would tell me that I never seemed to work out of a textbook much but they were taken aback by the amount of time and work I put into a consulting project. Also, the program introduced me to lifelong friends and mentors.”

“I was impressed with all the support that the mentors and professors gave us over the course of the semester. It was also great to hear the enthusiasm from the client side.”

“It’s amazing that we got the opportunity to plan and launch our own new ventures with the support of professors, mentors, business professionals and fellow students.”

“I enjoyed the variety of guest speakers from a wide range of professions. The lessons we learned from their shared experiences resonated more with me than anything I read in a book.”

“I like how the program is set up to give students the tools and skills they need if they ever wanted to start their own venture. We were able to use what we learned in our coursework and apply it to our Student Consulting Projects and New Ventures.”

“Getting a basic introduction to so many of the business disciplines was important. I now have a good understand of accounting, economics, statistics, finance, business writing and so much more. Having a good base in a large range of topics can be very helpful in an environment where you never know what you’ll be asked to do.”

“I valued having the coaches from the professional world there to help us with our Student Consulting Projects.”

“The mentors were an integral part of the program. Each of them was extremely dedicated and wanted nothing more than to see us succeed both in our Student Consulting Projects and our New Ventures.”

Interested in taking on the challenge of an Entrepreneurship Major, Minor or MBA Concentration?

Information and counseling about majoring or minoring in Entrepreneurship can be received at Mihaylo Advisement. MBA candidates should visit the MBA office. For more information, come visit the Center for Entrepreneurship at SGMH 3280.

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