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Well, I have been on board as the Director now for a little over a year, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect back, briefly, on my first year (the Center’s 18th year), and hit a few highlights. More importantly, though, I would like to share with you what we have on the horizon.

After being here for a few months, and working in transition side by side with our former Director, Mike Trueblood for about 6 months, I learned that the members of the Center are very close. Family extends beyond your businesses, and into the Center, the other members and partners, and even throughout this great University. The bonds that exist are very strong, and the value that you each receive from one another is very evident.

This year, we made the change in our name from the Family Business Council to the Center for Family Business. One of the major reasons is to emphasize all of the work we plan to do beyond our monthly Council meetings. With the strength of our Peer Affinity Groups, the research which we are conducting, the expansion into the Los Angeles market, and the future plans of extending into other areas around Southern California, as well, we are proud to list ourselves as one of dozens of Centers of Excellence here at Cal State Fullerton.

As our new name implies, we plan to be seen for decades to come as the premier resource for family-owned businesses around the region. You are faced with unique challenges everyday in your business, and family, and while we do not pretend to know exactly what you are experiencing, we do know that you can receive tremendous relief and assistance in simply talking with others who are in similar situations. We see our role as the connector between your business and family issues, and those who can assist you with your battles. In many cases, you are what others need, as well.

With workshops coming up focused on what matters most to your business and family, leadership, communication, family history, and other topics we believe will be very beneficial to you, we are taking our role in your success very seriously. We know you have lots of choices with what to do with your free time, and we plan to do everything in our power to make sure that the time you spend with us each month is extremely value added. Our plans include significant growth, but only so that we can have the resources to make your investment stronger, and the time you spend with us more valuable.

We look forward to seeing you each month at our workshops, and to working with you on a regular basis to make running your business easier and more rewarding.

Thank you for your support, and here’s to a great year together!


Ed Hart
Director, Center for Family Business

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