Titan Sales Competition
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"Selling is an invaluable skill that can be applied to all aspects of your life." - Mark Mantey

What is the SLC Titan Sales Competition?

The SLC Titan Sales Competition is open to all CSUF students with an interest in learning how to sell yourself, thoughts and ideas. The Competition is designed for all participating students to learn the fundaments of sales and various sales strategies. Participants will have the option to enroll in the Sales Fundamentals Workshop while working and practicing their sales skills with professional sales people from a variety of industries.

There will also be a team component to the Competition. Would you and your friends or organization would like to compete as a team and strive to claim the SLC Titan Sales Competition championship trophy? Teams are composed of four students. Team points will be awarded based on the individual results of all team members and be accumulated for a total team score. The team with the overall highest point score will claim the trophy.

All who participate in the competition will receive the following:
     * Discounted fee to enroll in the Selling Fundamentals Workshop in October.
     * Executive sales training during the months of October and November by the Sales Leadership
        Center's participating sponsors, including various industry and sales scenarios to be used in
        the competition.
     * Opportunity to earn scholarships.
     * Opportunity to earn a spot on the Mihaylo College Sales Leadership Center's sales team to compete in the Western States
        Collegiate Sales Competition at CSU-Chico.
     * Invitation to the competition's reception and award banquet.
     * A SLC Titan Sales Competition commemorative souvenir.
     * Opportunity to network with industry sponsors and college recruiters attending the event
        throughout the fall semester.

Apply to be on the Team!

Contact Mark Mantey, Co-Director, Sales Leadership Center
Cell Phone: (657) 278-3235
E-mail: mjstate@gmail.com

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