The Campaign for the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Donor Recognition/Naming Opportunities

Honoring leadership and major donors is a special consideration in this campaign. It is the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics’ goal to provide major donors to the Campaign with a lasting public expression of appreciation for their generous contributions. On the list that follows are many permanent gift opportunities of recognition and dedication that will enable a donor to affiliate permanently his or her individual or corporate name with the College and the new building.

This roster of proposed permanent recognition opportunities was established to assist major donors in selecting a gift naming opportunity most reflective of their interest and gift intentions. A plaque thanking donors for their generosity will be displayed on or near the named portion of the building reserved by the donor as well as on the honor wall of donors in the grand foyer of the building.

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
School of Accountancy
Graduate School of Management

College Building - Steven G. Mihaylo Hall - Committed

Rick Muth Endowed Chair in Family Business - Partially Funded
Academic Department Endowed Chairs
Endowed Center of Excellence
Family Business Council - Partially Funded

Endowed Professorships
Gianneschi Professor of Nonprofit Marketing

Fellowship - $25,000/year for four years
Endowed Faculty Awards (3)*

$25,000 *Minimum
Endowed Funds
Endowed Scholarships
Mihaylo Hall Rooms and Area Naming

Grand Foyer - Reserved

Large Pavilion - 18,480 square feet

Small Pavilion - 11,230 square feet

The College Innovation Center (Event Center, Innovation Room, Catering)
Student Tutoring Center
Student Undergraduate Advising Center
Graduate Advising Center
Student Affairs
Tiered Lecture Hall (Seats 250) - Reserved
Cyber Cafe

Courtyard Fountain
Tiered Lecture Hall (2)(Seats 122)*
Artists' Collection
Center for Corporate Reporting and Governance Suite
Family Business Council Suite
Center for Real Estate Suite
Center for Professional Sales Suite

Innovation Room (Seats 31)
Professional Sales Laboratory (Seats 40)

Center for Entrepreneurship Suite - Reserved
Center for Insurance Studies Suite - Reserved
                Library - Reserved
                Conference Room - Reserved
Center for the Study of Emerging Financial Markets Suite
Center for International Business Suite
Student-Study Computer Laboratory (Seats 50)
Interactive Lecture Hall (4) (Seats 45) *
Balcony Study Lounge
Honors Student Center
Graduate Student Center
Tiered Lecture Hall (3) (Seats 75)* - Two Reserved
Academic Department Suite
                 Accounting - Reserved
                 Information Systems and Decision Sciences

Tiered Lecture Hall (3)(Seats 50)* - One Reserved

Lecture Hall (5)(Seats 50)* - Three Reserved
Academic Department Innovation Room (6)* Management Reserved
Department Chair's Office
                Finance - Reserved
                Information Systems and Decision Sciences
                Marketing - Reserved
Center of Excellence Director's Office
Center for Insurance Studies
Center for Entrepreneurship
Center for Corporate Reporting and Governance
Center for Professional Sales
Family Business Council - Reserved
Institute for Economic and Environmental Studies
Center for Real Estate
Center for International Business

Lecture Hall (2) (Seats 49) * - One Reserved

Lecture Hall (Seats 40)
Executive-in-Residence Office - Reserved

Student Affairs - Asst Dean's Office - Faculty Office (149)* - Six Reserved

Student Sales Interview Room (3)
Career Interview Room (2) - One Reserved
Student Break-out Rooms (6)* - One Reserved

Information Services Director's Office

Major gifts at these levels can be pledged and paid over a three -to five-year period. They can be funded using any combination of cash and highly appreciated assets, such as stock or real estate. Deferred gifts such as bequests, trusts, and other estate planning gifts also will be considered at the higher naming levels. Please call the Senior Director of Development, Carol Spencer, at 657.278.2857 for additional information.

Prepared 11/11/02
Revised 10/12/07

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