Entertainment and Tourism Management

Business Administration Major
Entertainment and Tourism Management



Accounting 201A Financial Accounting (3)
Accounting 201B Managerial Accounting (3)
Bus Ad 201 Business Writing (3)
Economics 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
Economics 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
Management 246 Business & Its Legal Environment (3)
ISDS 265 Intro to Info Systems and Applications (3)
Math 135 or 130 Business Calculus (3 or 4)

Bus Ad 301 Advanced Business Communication (3)
Econ 315
or Econ 310
or Econ 320
Intermediate Business Microeconomics (3)
Intermediate Microeconomics Analysis (3)
Intermediate Macroeconomics Analysis (3)
Finance 320 Financial Management I (3)
Management 339 Principles of Management and Operations (3)
Management 340 Organizational Behavior (3)
ISDS 361A QBA: Probability and Statistics (3)
ISDS 361B QBA: Statistics and Management Science (3)
Marketing 351 Principles of Marketing (3)

Management 449 Seminar in Strategic Management (3)

Econ 330 (GE) Comparative Economic Systems
Econ 331 (GE) Economies in Transition
Econ 332 (GE) Economic Problems of Asia
Econ 333 (GE) Econ Development: Analysis & Case Studies
Econ 334 (GE) Economics of Latin America & the Caribbean
Econ 335 (GE) The International Economy
Econ 336 (GE) Economies of the Middle East
Finance 370 International Business Finance
Finance 371 Export-Import Financing
Finance 373 Asia-Pacific Financial & Security Markets
Finance 375 Global Financial Markets
Management 350 International Management
Management 455 Comparative Management - U.S. & East Asia
Marketing 445 Multinational Marketing Strategies
Marketing 475 Export Marketing Strategies

Entertainment and Tourism Management Concentration Requirements (18 Units)

 Required courses (15 units):
BUAD 360 Entertainment Money Management (3)
MGMT 365 Entertainment Business (3)
MGMT 446 Entertainment Law (3)
MGMT 470 Entertainment Operations (3)
MGMT 471 Tourism Management (3)
and One 3-unit approved elective

The following are suggested elective courses (H: recommended for Hospitality Students, M: recommended for Media Students):
MGMT 421 Operations and Systems Design (H/M)
MGMT 425 Quality Management and Improvement (M)
MGMT 426 Global Operations (H/M)
MGMT 427 Management of Technology and Innovation (H/M)
MGMT 435 Management of Service Organizations (H)
MGMT 444 Project Management (H/M)
FIN 335 Financial Analysis for Investors and Lenders (H/M)
FIN 432 Financial Forecasting and Budgeting (H/M)
MKTG 370 Consumer Behavior (H)
MKTG 410 Marketing of Recorded Music (M, when available)
MKTG 430 Sports Marketing (H)
MKTG 445 International Marketing (H/M)
MKTG 455 Strategic Internet Marketing (H/M)
MKTG 465 Managing Services Marketing (H, when available)
Theatre 351 Theatre Management (H/M, when available)

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