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Welcome, Mihaylo College Students!

Thank you for checking out this page! Please make a note of a few highlights:

Dean's Honor List Recipients
Congratulations to those of you who made the Dean’s Honor List from your academic performance in Fall Semester 2013! A recognition event is scheduled for March 10th, 2014 at 5:30pm in the Titan Student Union Pavilions.

Business Clubs/Organizations
There are close to 20 business clubs/organizations in the College. Get involved and make connections! View the: Students Clubs and Organizations Website.

(Deadline: March 3rd for most awards)

Please apply for the many scholarships that are available to you. It is a great resume builder if you receive a scholarship! Criteria vary from award to award – financial need; leadership; community service; academic performance…please view scholarships link. For additional awards/scholarships, please go to Financial Aid Scholarships website.

College Tutoring Center
The College Tutoring Center is located in SGMH 2404 West Pavilion. View Tutoring Center Homepage. Tutoring is free!

Numerous Resources and Services are Available to You - such as Mihaylo Career Services, the Career Center, Dean of Students Office, Student Recreation Center, Student Health and Counseling Center, Student Academic Services and many, many more…!!! Here is the link to all these offices: Student Affairs.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact me at eyong@fullerton.edu or either my graduate assistant Gracia Manopo at MihayloTutoringLead@fullerton.edu or my student assistant Shannon Franklin at mcbestudentaffairs@fullerton.edu.

Have a wonderful Spring Semester!

Emeline Yong, M.S.
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
SGMH 1507 East Pavilion (my office is within 1509)
eyong@fullerton.edu; (657) 278-4577

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