Career Services

Faculty and Staff

Partner with us

We welcome the opportunity to partner with faculty and staff to design services and workshops specific to your students’ needs. See below for ways we can partner with you to support the career development of your students!

Ways to Partner:

  • Offer a workshop or presentation in your class facilitated by an MCS staff member (Workshop Request Form)
  • Have a career services staff member give a 5-10 minute introduction to Career Services
  • Incorporate career-related information into one or more of your class/training sessions
  • Invite Career Services to attend a faculty/department meet and greet or meeting
  • Send Employer Referrals to Mihaylo Career Services
  • Invite employers to serve as guest speakers to your class
  • Announce our upcoming events to your students

Contact Mihaylo Career Services for more information! Or complete our Workshop Request Form to schedule a visit!

Don't Cancel Class

If you anticipate a need to cancel class, contact Mihaylo Career Services! Based on availability, we can come into your class and deliver a workshop based on your students’ interests. Choose a topic from the list below or work with us to create a presentation that fits your needs! Two weeks’ notice is recommended.

Complete our Workshop Request Form to schedule a visit!

  • What Can I Do with a Major In….
  • Internship/Job Search Strategies
  • Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Networking and Using LinkedIn
  • Developing a Career Plan
  • Interviewing Strategies
  • Or choose a topic from our current Workshop Offerings

Internships and Employers

Mihaylo Career Services can assist students in preparing for and obtaining experience in their chosen field via both internships and job opportunities. Students should visit our Job & Internship Postings page to learn more about searching for internships and full-time and part-time opportunities!

We also recognize that many faculty and staff already have connections to employers who provide opportunities for our students, and we would love to work with them to help promote those opportunities!

Employer Referrals:

If you would like to connect Mihaylo Career Services with one of your contacts to discuss partnership opportunities or recruitment needs, please refer them to Hema Paliwal, Employer Relations Associate at

Employers wanting to know more about Mihaylo Career Services and ways to partner with us can visit our Employer Section to find out more!

Job Postings:

For employers that have a full-time or part-time job opportunity that they would like posted within Mihaylo Career Services, please contact


Mihaylo Career Services partners with the Center for Internships & Community Engagement to provide internship opportunities for our students. For more information about registering and posting an internship, please visit CICE or contact

Academic Internships vs Internships:
An academic internship gives students academic credit for their work at an internship site. By enrolling in an academic internship course, students can claim credit for their experience and are evaluated by faculty at the university. Employers may be asked to complete an evaluation of their intern as well.

Academic internships may or may not include financial payment, while an internship must be paid and is not related to coursework. If you are offering a paid position, you may choose to post the position as both an internship AND an academic internship. However, if it is an unpaid position, it must be posted as an academic internship only.

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