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About Our Students

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics is the largest accredited business school on the West Coast and the 5th largest in the United States. With approximately 8,000 students and 19 different academic concentrations, our diverse student population mirrors the global business environment. And because the majority of our students are working 20-40 hours per week while they earn their degree, our students are experienced, hard-working multi-taskers who are ready to work, and ready to lead.

To view demographics about our undergraduate programs, please click HERE

To view demographics about our graduate programs, please click HERE

Employer Guide

Download a copy of our Employer Guide that provides an overview of Mihaylo College, details and demographics regarding the undergraduate and graduate business programs, and outlines areas of partnership, including ways to recruit with us.

Recruit for Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs

There are several ways to recruit with us.

  1. Post a position on Titan Connection, our university-wide job and internship database. You may specify candidate criteria, such as major, class year, etc.
  2. Email the job description to mihaylocareers@fullerton.edu for inclusion in our weekly e-Newsletter, distributed to all undergraduate and graduate business students
  3. Work with Hema Paliwal, Sr. Employer Relations Associate, to identify target student organizations, academic departments, and/or centers of excellence through which to market your opportunity. Hema can be reached at hepaliwal@fullerton.edu or 657-278-8112.

Recruit for Internships

Internships can be a great way for employers to provide a valuable two-way exploratory relationship between students and employers. As interns, students gain industry experience, acquire and develop their skills, and make meaningful connections. Through internships, employers not only benefit from having extra resources, but also have the opportunity to evaluate the performance and potential of the interns for future full-time positions.

For more information on internships, including paid versus unpaid, how to register and post, and information regarding academic credit internships, view this guide

If you have any questions about how to create a valuable internship experience at your organization, please contact Hema Paliwal at hepaliwal@fullerton.edu or 657-278-8112.

As with full-time and part-time positions, we are happy to help you market your internship opportunity to the appropriate group of students and/or faculty.

Get Involved on Campus

Mihaylo Career Services strives to build partnerships with its employers to not only help market the opportunities you have, but to build a campus presence for your organization. We invite you to explore the various ways to get to know our students and build your organization’s brand on-campus. Ways to get involved include:

  • Host an on-campus employer information session to share information about your company
  • Host an onsite student visit to your company
  • Partner with Mihaylo Career Services to host a skill-building workshop (e.g., mock interviewing, presentation skills, speed networking) or serve as an industry panelist
  • Participate in a Career Fair.
  • Co-sponsor a student club event for one of our 20 business clubs and organizations
  • Co-sponsor an event with one of our 15 centers & institutes.
  • Participate as a guest lecturer on a topic of expertise as part of a relevant class

Contact us to learn more and to craft a strategy to meet your recruitment goals.

Hiring International Students

Students on F-1 visas are eligible for both internships and full-time employment provided they make the necessary arrangements to maintain visa requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the parameters and steps required, but employers are welcome to contact CSUF’s Office of International Education & Exchange. The office partners with several employment attorneys that can help navigate the various requirements.

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