Career Resources

Career Resources

Career Guide

The CSUF Career Guide is a starting point for students in their career exploration process. The guide provides information to help relate your past experience, academic program, lifestyle and other elements to potential careers. It also contains sample resumes and cover letters to help students produce higher quality resumes for their job search.

Career Exploration

Not sure what you can do with a business degree? Concerned about types of opportunities with your concentration of choice? There are a multitude of opportunities available for all degrees and concentrations. Schedule an appointment with Mihaylo Careers for a personalized session with our career advisors. They can help you navigate the possibilities and explore career paths that fit with who you are and what you want to do!

To help you get started before you appointment, we advise you to be curious.

  1. Take our quick, fun assessment, “Join the Party!” to explore career paths best aligned with your career personality
  2. Talk to people! Start with family, friends, colleagues, professors, and other people you know. Ask them about what they do, and what they like/don’t like about it. Then, ask them to recommend 2-3 other people for you to talk to.
  3. Research, read and watch. A few free online resources in this area include:
Career Path Guides

Mihaylo Career Services is proud to announce that we have developed a series of Career Resource Guides in order to further assist students in a successful career search. Organized by academic concentrations, these guides will allow students to get a background in the handful of possible career opportunities associated with that discipline.

Resume Development

Your resume is a key element of your Career Marketing Campaign. More than just a list of your experience and activities, your resume is a targeted document that should answer to the employer’s question, “Why are YOU the best person for this job?” It must convince them in 30 seconds or less, “Why should I hired you?”

To get started developing your resume, create your first draft using Titan Resume Builder.
Next, get your resume reviewed either via an appointment or through our walk-in hours.

Getting Additional Feedback:
Resumes are subjective! We encourage you to get feedback on your resume from a number of sources, especially professionals currently working in your target industry. Mihaylo Career Services will be happy to review your resume via email or in-person appointment. Please allow five business days for turnaround of resumes via email. If you are seeking advice on your resume as it relates to a specific job posting (highly encouraged), please also include the job description in your email request.

Brand Management Plan

Who are you? What are you known for? Why should an employer choose you? In order to stand out in the job market, candidates must develop a “personal brand” that defines their value proposition to an employer and differentiates them from others. The Mihaylo Student “Brand Management Plan” features detailed tools and worksheets to help you define and articulate your personal “brand,” and to plan and manage a personal Career Marketing Campaign that assists you with specific steps required for a job/internship search action plan.

Download Brand Management Plan Brand Management Plan PDF


A successful interview requires preparation and practice. Please download the The Ultimate Interviewing Guide for key strategies and a sampling of interview questions – both common and tricky ones!

Ready to practice? The CSUF Career Center offers Interview Stream, a virtual mock interview system that allows you to record and view your responses to common interview questions.

We also offer appointments to help you prepare for upcoming interviews. Please make an appointment and provide us with the job description you will be interviewing for.

Download The Ultimate Interviewing Guide Brand Management Plan PDF

Professional Attire

Your professional image helps to make a critical first impression with employers. Check out our Professional Attire Guidelines to help you sort through business professional, business casual, and what’s just not at all appropriate for business settings.

Download Professional Attire Guidelines Brand Management Plan PDF


Vault is a premiere resource website with insider information about companies, industries and professions. This FREE resources for Mihaylo students grants you access to over 5,000 company profile, over 600 internship postings, sample resumes, employer research, industry articles and more.

For additional information click here.

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