MSIT Explore the Online Classroom

MSIT Explore the Online Classroom

Each week’s assignments will generally require students to synthesize and integrate the week’s material both on their own and in cooperative learning situations. Throughout the course, students are expected to keep pace with assignments and deliver assignments on schedule to the instructor for review and evaluation. Students also will be told that it will be necessary for them to check their course e-mail and bulletin boards at least every other day for messages and updates from professors and fellow classmates

Each week will include the following:

  • required readings from an electronic text
  • electronic library reserve material
  • instructor’s “lecture” and related lecture notes
  • a lecture written by an expert in the field
  • interactive exercises to further enhance understanding of the subject matter
  • assignments and response papers sent via e-mail
  • electronic discussions with the professor and other students

Depending on the topic, lecture material may be presented to students in the form of a PowerPoint presentation complete with video clips, screen shots, various interactive exercises, charts, graphs, figures that will “pop up” when clicked, or short actual segments of the instructor lecturing using audio/video streaming technologies.

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