Expert in the following areas: Internet Technologies, E-commerce, Data Communications, Systems Analysis and Design

  • Accounting and managerial aspects of an information technology organization
  • Telecommunications requirements necessary to support an organization’s information technology needs
  • Systems development process
  • Data needs of an organization
  • Programming concepts
  • Electronic commerce
  • Collaboration
  • Research
  • Communications

Each course contains a multi-modal assessment methodology to document learning via projects, demonstrations, applications, research papers, and examinations.

The culminating experience includes research and a practicum grounded in the theoretical foundations covered in the study plan coursework. An electronic portfolio of culminating experiences and preparatory coursework will be created by each student enrolled in the program. This portfolio will be reviewed at the End of First Year Seminar and evaluated by the Program Coordinator at the end of the program. The student portfolios will provide a comprehensive assessment of the program.

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