Melissa Liu:

CSU Fullerton`s MSIT is a great program for working professionals, like myself. The professors are very aware of each student`s work / school balance. This program has a great mix of business & computer science topics.

Tom Lalonde:

I was looking for a program that would allow me to advance in my career. The MSIT program has the correct balance of business and technical courses that will enable me to do that. I enjoy the pace of the courses and the content has been very relevant.

Cameron Parsons:

After already earning my IS degree, I was looking to go further in-depth with the field. The MSIT program thus far has been a great help in expanding my knowledge of the subject and preparing me for the working world.


This is my second Master`s. The program has been great. Like one of my Cohorts said, the program embraced both technical and business sides. So, that was interesting. Maybe, I think that covering BU classes would be helpful in Today`s business world.

Hong Chao:

This program has a good pace for working professional. So we are not overwhelmed throughout the program. Professors are very considerate and are available for the students at almost all times. Program is geared towards both the business background and technical background.

Amy Moore:

The program is great for a person like me that works 40+ hours a week. The workload is reasonable and the material is very informative. As a person without an IT background I have gained a lot of knowledge and am very excited to expand my knowledge further.

Hilda Osuna:

I chose the MSIT program because it had the perfect balance between the technical and the business side. As a psychology undergraduate major, it`s been a challenge to learn the technical, programming side of this program. However I feel accomplished in having overcome the challenging aspects as a non-programmer. I have gained much knowledge from this program and am looking forward to completing it and starting a new career in this field.

Mehdi Montaser:

The MSIT program had a lot of new things to offer even for “IT-Veterans”. The topics are current and the faculties are a great source of knowledge and real world experience.

Ryan Bakonis:

The MSIT program is challenging, yet flexible. It provides a good balance of technical training and managerial insight. The Hybrid online / in-class format facilitates relationships between faculty and students that would be difficult to achieve in an online-only program.

Kaveh Farahmand:

As a working professional in the IT field the MSIT program has brought a lot of experience together with convenience. Classes have been challenging & well taught. Program administrators are helpful and always available.

Aaron Guilliatt:

When I started this program, I had limited knowledge of IT. I expected to get a well-rounded education. This program has provided me with that knowledge.

Greg Cazian:

I have expected to become well-rounded in IT concepts and this program succeeds at this. I do enjoy the balance of technical, theoretical and business concepts. I will recommend this program to all.

Ramandeep Harjai:

Being from computer science background, MSIT program has helped me understand the business and managerial part of the IT world and has opened new opportunities for me to move from engineering to managerial roles.

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