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Information Systems are the backbone of modern businesses. As the capabilities of information systems and technologies soar, business functions such as marketing, accounting and finance rely heavily on information systems for developing and maintaining strategic advantage.

There is a high demand for individuals knowledgeable in business functions and information systems and technologies. Graduates of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics are prime candidates to fill in this demand at the corporate level, as well as at the business function levels. Mihaylo graduates have the managerial skills and the knowledge of the essentials of information systems to strategically manage, maintain, and analyze data and systems.

Today’s Mihaylo student is building the knowledge and ability to acquire, manage or develop systems, such as Accounting Information Systems, Marketing Information Systems, or Financial Information Systems. Graduates can be found in positions in the function areas of an MIS group and have strong candidacy for promotion to an MIS or general management position at the corporate level.

Concentration Electives

In addition to the core foundation curriculum, students individualize their program with a concentration, made up of four elective courses. To view a list of approved electives that students in this concentration are currently taking, please refer to our Concentration Elective Approval Sheet.

Program Requirements

For further information regarding the MBA foundation courses and program requirements, please visit our MBA Core Curriculum page.

STEM Designated Program

The Information Systems concentration includes the distinction of being a STEM designated program. This program provides international students 17 additional months of OPT (Optional Practical Training), plus the original 12 months.

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