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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Program Questions
    • Are the master's programs designed for working professionals?
      • Yes, our programs were developed with the working professional in mind. Most classes are scheduled two times a week and meet in the late afternoon or early evening.
      • The above is true for most programs, however the Full-time MBA is a daytime cohort based program and the MS Information Technology program is a an online program.
    • Are there any accelerated master's programs?
      • Yes, we offer an accelerated daytime full-time MBA program, which you can complete in 16 months.
    • I don't have an undergraduate degree in Business; can I still get my masters from the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics?
      • Yes, the College accepts students with bachelor’s degrees from all departments.
    • What type of people compose your faculty?
      • The College’s faculty are veteran professionals and industry experts who come from diverse backgrounds. Ninety-seven percent of the College’s full-time faculty possess doctorate degrees and have many years of academic experience. There are more than 150 full-time and over fifty part-time faculty on board enabling each faculty member to focus on teaching the area in which they specialize.
    • Is the Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business & Economics AACSB accredited?
      • Yes, the College has achieved professional accreditation by AACSB International for both its business administration and accounting programs. We are the only university in Orange County, and one of five in California, to hold this prestigious level of dual accreditation.
    • How much does the program cost?
  • Admissions
    • Are there any pre-requisite courses that must be met prior to enrollment?
      • Flexible MBA
        By the end of the first year of enrollment: MATH 130 or 135, ISDS 265, ISDS361A or 513 
        For Full-time MBA and FEMBA (Irvine Campus)
        Before enrollment: MATH 130 or 135, ISDS 265, ISDS361A or 513
    • Are letters of recommendation required?  Do they need to be from CSUF faculty?
      • One to three letters of recommendation are recommended, but optional, and can be from anyone who is familiar with your educational and/or professional work history.
    • When are students admitted into the programs?
      • Fall and Spring Terms: Flexible MBA, MA Economics, MS Accountancy, MS Taxation, MS Taxation (Irvine), MSIS – Students are admitted in the fall and spring semesters.
      • Fall Only: Full-time MBA, FEMBA (Irvine), MSIT
    • When are the filing periods for the fall and spring?
    • Can I substitute my advanced degree for the GMAT?
      • No, all students are required to take the GMAT.
    • Can I apply if I haven’t taken the GMAT?
      • You may apply if you haven’t taken the GMAT, however before we can process your application you must take the test and send us your scores.
    • How long does it take to process my application?
      • It takes at least two months to process an application once the file is complete. You may check the status of your application by emailing an Evaluations Specialist at Include your full name, Campus wide ID and program in the body of your email.
    • Is there a minimum GMAT score or GPA that I need to have?
      • We use a holistic assessment of each candidate’s academic and professional background to create a diverse and well qualified class. There is no minimum GMAT score required for admission into the College’s master’s programs. While the scores serve as a standardized way to evaluate all candidates, they are not our primary criterion for admission. The general grade point average (GPA) requirement by the university is to have attained a GPA of at least a 2.5 in the last 60 semester units (90 quarter) units attempted. However, the average GMAT of students admitted to the program has been a 550 and the average GPA had been a 3.2.
    • Does CSUF offer GMAT preparation courses?
    • How do I check the status of my application?
  • International Students
    • What are the educational requirements for admission for students educated outside of the U.S.?
      • Students who received their bachelor’s degree from a post-secondary intuition where English was not the principle language of instruction must take the TOEFL. A minimum score of 570 (paper) or 88 (ibt) is required for admission into the program. The TOEFL code for CSUF is 4589.
    • Is financial aid available for non-US citizens?
      • Yes, various forms of financial aid are available for non-US citizens. Visit the financial aid page or the College’s scholarship page for more information.
  • Academic
    • Can I take more than 12 credits in a semester?
      • After your first semester you may petition to take more than 12 credits during a semester. If you are working fulltime, this is generally not recommended.
    • What is probation? How do I get off probation?
      • If you GPA drops below 3.0 at any time you will be placed on probation. You are allowed to be on probation for a maximum of two semesters. After two semesters you may be disqualified from the program.
        To remove yourself from probation, you need to raise your GPA to 3.0 or higher.
    • What's the Continuous Enrollment Requirement
      • A graduate student with a graduate degree objective is required to maintain continuous enrollment during regular semesters (summer and intersession excluded) until award of the degree. Unless granted an approved leave of absence, a graduate student who fails to register each semester has discontinued enrollment in the graduate degree program and would need to re-apply to the program.
    • Is there a time period in which I must complete the program?
      • All requirements for the master’s degree must be completed within five years. This time limit begins with the semester of the earliest course used on the student’s study plan and consists of a total of ten consecutive semesters.  When individual circumstances warrant, this time limit may be extended for up to two years (four additional consecutive semesters).
    • What happens if I cannot take courses for a semester?
      • Students who are in good standing and who have completed at least six credit hours work toward their degree in residence at CSUF may request a leave of absence for up to one year.
        If you do not qualify for a leave of absence you must register for Graduate Studies 700 to avoid having to re-register for admission.
    • Does he new grading policy (+/-) affect me?
      • At the beginning of each course, your professor will explain their grading policy in the syllabus. It is your responsibility to be aware of the grading scale used for each of your classes. You will still be held responsible for maintaining a 3.0 minimum GPA for all of your coursework.
  • Advising
    • How many courses should I take?
      • For purposes of tuition and fees, you are considered a part-time if you take less than six credits and full time if you take seven credits or more.
        If you work fulltime, it is highly recommended that you take only one or two courses (3 - 6 credits). If you wish to enroll in more than 12 credit hours during, you need to contact the Graduate Advisor for a petition form.
    • As a current student I would like to see an advisor, what do I do?
    • Are there any courses that can be satisfied at a Community College?
      • Contact the prospective advisor for details.
    • Where is the advising center?
      • The advising center is located in SGMH4210.
  • Career Management
    • What career resources are available to me?
      • The Mihaylo Career Center is located on the first floor of Mihaylo Hall and is open to all Mihaylo students. They provide assessment tests, career counseling services, research materials and hiring events to all students. You may call (657) 278-7943 for more information. Students may also contact Graduate Program Career Path Advisors for career advisement.

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