Management Emphases


All students with a management concentration must choose one of the following emphases:

General Management

Managers give direction to organizations by developing goals and objectives, providing leadership and deciding how to use organizational resources to accomplish those goals. Managers perform four vital functions: planning-the formulating goals and strategies; organization-arranging and structuring organizational resources; leadership-motivating and leading the human resources; and control-measuring the progress toward the goals. A key focus in management is on managing people, the core of any organization.

General Management (18 units)
Mgmt 343 OR Mgmt 443 Personnel Management (3) OR Group Dynamics (3)
Mgmt 425 Productivity and Quality Management (3)
Mgmt 440 Emerging Issues in Management (3)
and 9 units of elective course work to be chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.

Human Resources

Human Resource management has become viewed as highly critical to organizational success. Organizations in both the private and public sectors realize that it is their employees that provide the competitive advantage. Human resource management deals with the effective utilization of people for attaining the goals of the organization. Management of human resources means that people must be recruited, compensated, trained and developed.

Human Resources Management (18 units)
Mgmt 343 Human Resource Management (3)
Mgmt 432 Staffing (3)
Mgmt 434 Compensation (3)
and 9units of elective course work to be chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.

Operations Management

Operations management focuses on design, operation and control of processes that transform input into finished goods or services. While the processes vary in different industries, typical operations decision areas include product and process design, quality, capacity, layout, job design, inventory management, and production planning and purchasing. Operations management allows students to quickly understand the critical processes within an organization and make improvements. Through the operations function, graduates are able to have a significant impact on the organization's profitability.

Operations Management (18 units)
Mgmt 422 Production and Inventory Control (3)
Mgmt 423 Purchasing & Supply Management(3)
Mgmt 425 Productivity and Quality Management (3)
Mgmt 430 Integrated Supply Chain Management (3)
and 6 units of elective course work to be chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies (18 units)
Mgmt 348 Commercial Law (3)
Mgmt 445 Employment Law (3)
and 12 units of elective course work chosen from the following:
Mgmt 346 International Law for Business (3)
Mgmt 349 Law for Small Business (3)
Mgmt 440 Emerging Issues in Management (3)
Mgmt 441 Labor-Management Relations (3)
Mgmt 446 Entertainment Business Law (3)
Mgmt 447 Internet Legal Issues (3)

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