Masters in Business Administration

Graduates of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics have advanced education in front-line operations such as supply-chain, inventory, product quality management, business ethics and law. In addition, they have acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities in human resources, marketing, accounting, organizational development, employee-labor relations, and other related aspects.

Mihaylo graduates are not only knowledgeable of overseeing and conducting the internal and external operations of a company, but they have developed superb leadership skills and qualities. Mihaylo graduates are visionary, always motivating and inspiring their employees to achieve the company’s organizational goals. They see the organization as the team, keeping morale and energy high as well as maintaining performance efficiency. Mihaylo graduates can be found in a wide array of leadership and upper management positions in medium to large companies as well as top level positions at a corporation.
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MBA at CSUF Irvine Institute

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