Break Out Rooms

Student Break-Out Room Policy download break-out room policy in pdf

Who can book a Student Break-out Room?

  • Rooms may be checked out only by CSUF Business Students
  • Rooms are intended for student group study-related purposes only

How can I book a Student Break-out Room?

  • Click here to book a room (please note, you must register first)
  • We only accept reservations booked 24 hours in advance
  • If you need assistance in navigating the appointments system program, please call 657-278-2704

How long can I book a room?

  • One 2-hour slot per day, per group

Can I be late to my appointment?

  • Please consider that students may only be escorted to reserved room every half hour; if student is ten (10) minutes late to appointment, they must wait for the next half hour to be escorted.

What are the hours that the rooms are available?

  • MONDAY – THURSDAY 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

How many people are allowed per room?

  • 4-6 people, depending on the room selected

General Policies

Food, beverages, smoking and audio equipment without headsets are prohibited in the Mihaylo Hall Rooms.

Any group observed in violation of the above described rules and/or the Agreements and Guidelines for the use of Steven G. Mihaylo Hall Student Break-out Rooms may be asked to leave the room. Abuse of these room privileges may also lead to suspension of these privileges.

**When you book a room through the Appointment Scheduling system, you are agreeing to the “General Policies” as indicated above.

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