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About Us

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At Mihaylo Tutoring Center, we strive to make a difference –
one business student at a time.

Our Mission

The College Tutoring Center is operated by the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. Our mission is to assist business students to become more successful at the university by offering tutoring assistance in undergraduate core business subjects in a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Our Objectives

Provide students with academic support that is beyond the classroom to reinforce and to enhance their learning.

Assist students to learn skills to help themselves.
Encourage students to develop an aptitude to be successful.

Location: SGMH 2404 West Pavilion
Phone: (657) 278-2704
Email: mcbetutoring@fullerton.edu

Interested in working for the Tutoring Center? Please send your resume and transcript to Sara Lycans-Roy slycans-roy@fullerton.edu to apply!

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