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Shift Time:


Equipment Problems
Building/Room Issues
Classes on Schedule who are no shows
Classes not on schedule but using classroom
Valuable lost and found items
Users requesting classroom door or podium unlocked
Rooms receiving paper & amount
Difficult users
Equipment Checkout

Shift Notes

Shift Tasks

Check done when tasks have been done, and N/A when tasks are unable to be done.

Done N/A
Check your email and read the end of shift report from the shift before.
Check “Service Now” for open tickets, and resolve any tickets your able to resolve.
Check class schedules and take note of classes in red that you will need to be opened during your shift.

Room 2308

Done N/A
Set all printers to pause, and delete print jobs from the day before.
Check all printers and podiums for paper in empty rooms. (2 reams max in podium)
Check all door handles to make sure they are locked.
Pause printers, and delete old print jobs at every class change.
Check all empty rooms for projectors left on, doors propped open, and trash items at every class change.
Check that podium keys are returned to key hook.

Room 1105

Done N/A
Check printers for paper, and extra paper in back cabinet.
Count lab passes for 60 passes.


**You must call your supervisor and request to take a break. Do not leave your assigned area until you get authorization.

Break Times: