ISDS 361B - Spring 2012

Week 3


Topic for the week:

Analysis of Variances and Experimental Design


         Analysis of Variance: Testing for the Equality of k Population Means

o    Example: Statistics Score

         Multiple Comparison procedures:

o    Example: Battery Life

         Completely Randomized Designs and Randomized Block Design

o    Example: Statistic Score - Block Design

         Factorial Experiments

o    Example: Weigh Loss

Lecture Materials:


Power Point File

         ANOVA-Single Factor (ANOVA - Single Factor: Hand Calculation)

         ANOVA-Determining Differences

         ANOVA-Randomized Block

         ANOVA-Two Factor

Excel File

         Statistics Score

         Battery Life

         Statistics Score - Block Design

         Weight Loss (revised)

Homework Assignment:

Keller Edition 8

         Homework #3 - Question

         Homework #3 - Solution

Keller Edition 9

         Homework #3 - Question

         Homework #3 - Solution


Reading for Week 4:

         LP: Chapter 14 - Forecasting

Announcement and Remark: