ISDS 361B - Spring 2012


Topic for the week:   

         Queuing Models


         Basic Queuing Model

Example: Mary's Shoes

         M/M/k Queuing System

        M/M/1 - Example: Mary's Shoes

        M/M/k - Example: Little Town Post Office

M/M/k/F - Example: Ryan's Roofing

         Other Markovian Systems

        M/G/1 - Ted's TV Repair

        M/M/1//m - Pacesetter Homes


         Economic Analyses

Example 1: Determine optimal number of servers

Example 2: Determine which server to hire

Example 3: What kind of line to have

Example 4: Which store to lease

Example 5: Which machine is preferable


Lecture Materials:





Power Point File

         Queuing -- Basic Concepts

         Queuing -- M/M/k

         Queuing -- Other Markovian Models

         Queuing -- Economic Analyses


Homework Assignment:

         Homework 10 - Question and Answer

Reading for Next Week

         Chapter 10 - Simulation Models