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This is not an exhaustive list.  The following links were functional at the time this document was made. If the links do not work, please do a search with the name of the agency.

Economic Recovery by BusinessWeek: The Economic Recovery section on BusinessWeek’s new topic-based site, Business Exchange, was built to foster educational collaboration, awareness and the exchange of free information. This topic features thousands of free news articles, blog posts and authoritative reference materials from sources across the Web. It offers numerous resources that allow students and individuals to research Economical Recovery by providing free access to industry experts and their submitted reference materials.

Titan Resume Builder at the CSUF Career Center:

Titan Resume Builder
Career Center

Resources For economists RFE:
has a list of companies that hire economists Check the sites individually.

National Association of Business Economists:

Glossary of Economics Terms

International (Master in European Business):

Sign up for their applications and to be on their mailing list for jobs
Check out their advice center for students

Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank)

International Monetary Fund (internships)

World Bank: Junior Professionals

United Nations


Wells Fargo:



Federal Reserve Banks:
Check out the individual Federal Reserve Bank websites.

California Association of Realtors:


Take a course in Insurance and or Math Cognate

For example, Pacific Life in Newport Beach: Math and econ combination


Building America's Future:

Clearinghouse of Jobs in Government:


US Census Bureau

US Department of Commerce

US Dept of Labor,

Housing and Urban Development

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

Bureau of Economic Analysis 

USDA-ARS US department of Agriculture, agriculture research services

Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation


Employment development Department

California Department of Finance,

Franchise Tax Board:

County: (geography, urban planning, public administration, GIS)

Public Administration

Urban and Regional Planners

Housing and Community Development

County of Orange, San Bernadino County, etc.,

City(economic development): 33 cities in Orange County and more in neighboring counties

Southern California association of Governments (SCAG): 

ABAG: Association of Bay Area Governments

LAEDC: LA Economic Development Corporation


Student work opportunities:


Financial/Economics Analyst/Investment analyst

Consulting /Analyst:

American Economics Group:

The Capital group Companies:

Economic Forecasting



Orange County Transportation agency (OCTA) 

Southern California Edison

Builders/real estate: The Irvine Company

Market Research: Meyers group, Data Quest, etc.

Other Links

Americas Job Bank (generic job bank)  

Federal job bank:

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