Links to Selected Resources in Development Economics

Selected Links in Development Economics

The Hunger Site

The World Bank

Economic Growth Resources

Genocide in Rwanda


Dani Rodrik's Blog


Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Mercy Corps

Center for International Development (Harvard) UNICEF World Resources Institute
Economic Growth Center (Yale) Center for Global Development World Food Program (United Nations)
Yahoo Links to Poverty Issues Death Tolls for the Man-made Mega- deaths of the 20th Century (Matthew White's Page) The State of Our Inequality 
How Rich Are You?   Students for Bhopal
Videos on Development Gapminder Country Demography A National Strategy to Cut Poverty in Half
Grameen Bank    

Recommended NGOs in developing Countries (If you want to help them financially, please contact them directly)

Swanirvar in India Esperanša in Bolivia, Mozambique, USA and Nicaragua

Poverty in the United States

Institute For Research on Poverty (Wisconsin-Madison) The Forgotten Fourteen Million
  Joint Center for Poverty Research (Northwestern and Chicago)

Videos on Development

Development News





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