Carol Cranfield

Carol Cranfield is the inspirational leader of Cranfield Consulting and President of The Cranfield Corporation, a Management Consulting firm, where she provides companies with strategic and progressive Change Management solutions. During her longevity with The Cranfield Corporation, Carol has dedicated her career to guiding people and companies through changing business cycles during times of growth, stability, and contraction for over 20 years. Previously, Carol held the position as a Senior Vice President with S.R. Clarke, a national Executive Search firm, where she focused on their Southern California region profiling Executives, Teams, and Companies through strategic Change Management recruiting and placement consulting services. Carol is an entrepreneur with a continued and renewed sense of purpose and insight for others.

Carol has influenced a number of initiatives that have changed the shape of Orange County, California throughout the years. In addition Carol inspires members of business and industry organizations through Talks, Training Programs, and Coaching. Carol contributes philanthropically through a number of charitable organizations and is an active member of the Executive Council at the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at California State University, Fullerton. Carol is a dynamic instructor at the Mihaylo MBA Leadership Academy on “Life’s Revisions Change,” Marketing and Selling Yourself Strategies, and Business Etiquette and Protocol for the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics MBA Program. She is also active with fundraising for scholarships and mentoring programs.

Carol is proud to be born and raised in Southern California and values her heritage of English descent from the parish of Cranfield, England, home to Cranfield University, UK.  



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