Why study Entrepreneurship?

Most successful entrepreneurs have at least some university-level education. Understanding the basics of business is important as is the experience of being exposed to many different people and ideas. While it’s definitely possible to not major in Entrepreneurship and become a successful entrepreneur the cross- disciplinary education entrepreneurship students receive gives them an advantage over their peers when it comes to launching new ventures.

Why should I study Entrepreneurship at Cal State Fullerton?

Cal State Fullerton takes entrepreneurial education and supercharges it. Each entrepreneurship undergraduate takes four consulting classes that pairs student teams with real businesses. MBA candidates take up to three consulting classes. By the end of the semester, each team creates an extensive strategic report detailing how to improve the client’s business. Cal State Fullerton has been running this program for decades now and is the highlight of many of its alumni’s educational experience because the Student Consulting Program bridges the gap between the academic world and the real one.

Entrepreneurship Majors, Minors and MBA candidates concentrating in Entrepreneurship also join a two semester long New Venture Program. In the first semester, student teams develop a business plan for a new venture and by the second semester these teams launch their ventures. While not every team is successful, Cal State Fullerton believes that the best way to educate entrepreneurs is through actual implementation.

Throughout a Cal State Fullerton Entrepreneurship student’s educational journey, they are taught by a combination of academics and professionals. This exposure to both sides of the entrepreneurial world avails its students of the opportunity to learn the latest entrepreneurial techniques and to get battle tested lessons from people who are entrepreneurs. Furthermore, each student team is assigned a mentor who has an extensive background as either an entrepreneur or in an entrepreneurial organization. This combination of knowledge available to Cal State Fullerton Entrepreneurship students is rarely matched at other universities.

That’s a lot of stuff to read. Are there any videos I can watch instead to learn about the CSUF Entrepreneurship Program?

Yes, in fact we have a series of videos that covers just about everything there is to know about the CSUF Entrepreneurship Program. It is below.

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Is Cal State Fullerton’s Entrepreneurship Program really one of the best in the world?

Yes. Really.

Our Student Consulting Program has regularly won dozens of awards in nationwide competitions and we have many Success Stories from our graduates to point to as well. What we do works and can work for you as well.

What kind of person should study Entrepreneurship at Cal State Fullerton?

Honestly, entrepreneurs come from a multitude of different backgrounds and there is no set mold for which people will become successful entrepreneurs. Having passion for something is a good place to start. In our program, we have had MBAs who started a biotech firm and undergraduate majors who have launched everything from a successful brewery to a French bakery and even becoming a key executive in a multinational firm.

The world is an extremely complex place and the Cal State Fullerton Entrepreneurship Program is designed to prepare its graduates to take on that challenge.

What do Cal State Fullerton Entrepreneurship alumni have to say about the program?

Overwhelmingly positive things; click on the LINK to see what our alumni have to say!

Where do I sign up?

Information and counseling about majoring or minoring in Entrepreneurship can be received at Mihaylo Advisement. MBA candidates should visit the MBA office. For more information, come visit the Center for Entrepreneurship at SGMH 3280.