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Student Consulting Program - Add Value and Make a Difference

“The professionalism that these young men and women posses and their willingness to work around our schedules was truly impressive…we have already benefited from their work more than we did from a professional consulting company that cost us around $50,000 and weeks of our time.”

- Jeff W. Johnson, President EnerTech Systems, Inc.

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Thank you for your interest in our Award Winning Student Consulting Program!

Our Business Students will work with your company to provide new ideas, insights, and concepts.

The Small Business Institute offers student consulting to fast-growth businesses in Orange County. Students work under the supervision of their experienced faculty expert and make recommendations for your success. All work is confidential. To date, we have served over 2,280 Orange County firms. Our goal is to provide recommendations that your business can turn into profits.

As a Non-Profit Center of Excellence, we charge a small fee to cover program expenses. This is a semester long engagement.

“Any business that is looking for new insight and creativity would definitely benefit from this program. Our team was very responsive to our needs and approached solutions with complete professionalism.”

- Steve Binnixm, RTI Electronics

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