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Top-Tier Publications:

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AACSB Publication:

Harich, K., Fraser, L., & Norby, J. (2005). Taking the time to do it right: A comprehensive, value-added approach for assessing           writing skills. In K. Martell & T. Calderon (Eds.), Assessment of student learning in business schools: Best practices each step           of the way: Vol. 1, No. 2. (pp. 119-137). Tallahassee, FL: The Association for Institutional Research and AACSB International.

Articles in refereed journals

Granitz, N., Loewy, D. (2007). Applying ethical theories: Interpreting and responding to student plagiarism. Journal of Business           Ethics, 72(3), 293-306.

Chapters in scholarly books

Brzovic, K. (2007). Bertolt Brecht's the measures taken. The Columbia encyclopedia of modern drama (pp. 886-887).
           Irvington, NY: Columbia University Press.

Textbooks (revisions)

Guffey, M. E., Loewy, D. (2008). Essentials of business communication. Cincinnati, OH: Cengage Learning/Thomson/Southwestern.

Guffey, M. E., Loewy, D. (2007). Business communication: Process & product. Cincinnati, OH: Cengage Learning/Thomson/           Southwestern.

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