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Dr. Dana Loewy

Dr. Loewy has taught both graduate and undergraduate business communication classes at Cal State Fullerton since 1996. For two years, she was the director of the California Corporate Board Registry, a state program designed to increase the presence of women and minorities on corporate boards. As a visiting scholar, she has given presentations on various communication topics at Fachhochschule NĂ¼rtingen, Germany.

Prior to coming to Fullerton, Dr. Loewy was a lecturer in the Freshman Writing Program at the University of Southern California, where she obtained her doctorate in English/American Literature. During her graduate education, she also taught at various area community colleges.

Dr. Loewy holds a master's degree in English, communication, and linguistics from Bonn University, Germany, where she also studied Slavic languages and literatures and took business classes. In addition to work experience in several German companies—mainly in public relations—since 1993 Dr. Loewy has worked as a free-lance translator of film subtitles and as a brand-name consultant in the United States.

In addition to German, Dr. Loewy is also fluent in her native tongue, Czech, and understands several other Indo-European languages. More recently she has expanded her consulting practice to include business writing as well as corporate etiquette training.

Her research interests have been heterogeneous, extending from translation studies, translation theory, and literary criticism to cross-cultural and international issues, contrastive rhetoric, distance learning, business ethics, and business etiquette.

In addition to scholarly articles, Dr. Loewy has published translations of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry—most notably The Early Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert (1997) and On the Waves of TSF (2004). She co-authored Writer's Online Workshop, an interactive, Web-based business communication and business English resource.

Dr. Loewy is active on several university committees, spearheaded efforts to institute online classes in business communication, and is championing a business writing center, dedicated to improving students' communication skills. Most recently, she has helped to create and co-teach a company-sponsored business etiquette program, Fit for the World of Work.

In her spare time, Dr. Loewy engages in several water sports and is an avid runner, having completed more than twenty national and international marathons. She loves to read and write, enjoys the ballet and opera, and rides her BMW R1200 motorcycle on weekends. She is a frequent traveler and has a passion for European cinema.

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